Thursday, December 31, 2009

"Happy 2010 !"

I have spent most of my time to rest from big major project on my recent deployment. I'm saving for my plans in the near future. In the past year, I haven't enough to spend my vacation due to my confinement last April 15, 2009 at the UST Hospital. Expect a lot from travel this coming year. More website development projects to go. I have spend most of my New Year's Eve with my family, We'll most of us were sick but my younger brother had a chance to do some fireworks although it's dangerous but they already know the usual safety measures that the advocacy of the government has. I eat a lot but not too much for my appetite, I had a chance to get more sleep a lot though I need to help with my household chores. I wasn't able to get a chance to attend the New Year's and Christmas Eve Mass but I had a text or message from the friends saying "thank you " for being part of 2009. 
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!              

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"I'm feeling better and rested, stressed free and looking forward that my plans will push throu this 2010"

I have struggled a lot this 2009 especially the projects that I should  finished,  I went to a major surgical operation last April 15, 2009 at the University of Santo Tomas Hospital then the typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng last September of this year. I have the opportunity to come back and regain my skills but I wasn't lucky enough on my health condition due to the some individual divulged my credentials to the consultant which on their end they never succeed because the truth always prevails so some consultant right now looking for a new career this 2010 "I'm hoping they will go on the usual pre-employment process with right working conditions". As a Blogger always be a blogger, humble and honest to his/her teammates. Fresh New year for me, Well I need also a good rest with new environment, Hoping to regain my strength and energy to do all the technical tasks. Still I'm continuously blogging stuff. This time, I'll be willing to go more places just to have a different environment that will help for my thyroid replacement therapy that I'm undergoing through. Website maintenance is undergoing at the present still need to finished, at least.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I have spend my holidays to spend home continuously doing blogging and web development outside on my present deployment. I'm hoping that my plans for this year will push through for 2010, I haven't spend a summer vacation last 2009 due to my thyroidectomy operation in the University Santo Tomas Hospital. My wish also to my present deployment is to grow more as healthy and professional as possible, knowing that there are some people want to destabilize my  professional career. I know God guided me on my right path through my darkest hour, Working real hard and manage to save money for your future. That's why I am working and trying to regain my technical skills to get back due to the memory lost after the major operation. On to my holiday vacation, I catch up more sleep due to a 14 hours working hours on development and testing but I do regain my condition and do patch up my medication, if i don't have the thyrax medicine stock because I'll be taking this as a lifetime, I'm undergoing a thyroid therapy, this will be a part of challenging part of my journey then the Typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng came, we need to remove the water from house and we thank God that we've survived the struggles that we've encountered this year. I am hoping this 2010 will be fruitful and healthy for me and pushing my plans at least a vacation with my friends by next year will push through

Friday, December 25, 2009

"Finishing my pending activities before the Happy Holidays"

I know that I'll be leaving my present deployment as a consultant by next year, still we don't know what's gonna happened next. If I have pending tasks to finished if I can managed to finished until my end it will better so that I can pursue my plans for next year. At least I had 50% to finished the development plus the testing but my health condition is on risk due to overworked on a project to be finished based on their timelines issued, encountered stressful complained done by another contractor with no evidence found against me (hoping that the truth will come out thanks for their assistance). On Christmas Eve, I'm not feeling well that time, I'm getting weak but still I have to get back and continue my pending plans for next year(hoping it will work). I'm still continuing my projects to finished in on my deployment, still I'm given a chance to get back my skills that I have established before a surgical operation I had last April 2009 at the UST Hospital. Most of my officemates were on their Christmas Vacation but some were already had different plans for their career this coming year. On my part, this 2009 deployment will be my last project assignment under an IT Consulting Firm due to a different plans ahead for me next year. During my vacation, I need to catch up more sleep because during my duty I wasn't able to complete an 8 hours of sleep due to a 14 office hours even holidays inside the office that time. My feeling that time was so sleepy and pressured needed to finish all the projects, I managed to get stay relaxed with my MP3 player played on and continue listen to the music all the time.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The New Me

This is me before when I graduated from college last 2006, After 2 years of deployment as contractor in different consulting firms around in Metro Manila, Last April 15, 2009, I have to undergo a total thyroidectomy operation in the UST as you can see my changes on the second photo. After the operation, I do sometimes get on appetite but I do sometimes I get fat, but my doctors said that this is normal for us that are undergoing for a lifetime thyroid replacement therapy but I usually live my normal life. I go now to my endocrinologist for this therapy, it sounds expensive, it's part of my adjustments of my daily life.At present, I'm taking medicine to replace the thyroid hormones lost during the operation.

"Having missed Xmas Party!"

With invented stories made by the other contractor of different IT Consulting firm that I'm being stressed off during the past few days. I have already encountered those kind of contractor but now I have already learned my lesson with kind of act that they want to loose my job again despite of my disability, So I decided to coordinate with my closest friends /authorized people from the office to help me out to resolve this include we've coordinate and found it is a backstabbing issue again, they've already cleaned my name so the other contractors(most who just hired last June 1 were on danger) due to a backstabbing again so the authorities are the one's in-charge for the legal action for those people involve and as long my name is cleared, I'm praying that I'll be seeking an extension until next year hoping to finish all the projects on time(Hope it will work!). I'll be thanking my schoolmate for helping me out in the office and she also celebrated her birthday. Thanks!!!! Although that I am still continuing doing Web Designing and Development as a freelancer as part of my business also at least I have my business contact to whom they believe my credentials to do web designing, seeking an extension on my present deployment at least for one year that it will be better as long as my name is cleared it is a better Christmas for me.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

"It's hard to trust someone this time"

I know it's difficult to trust someone with regards in handling my credentials in different providers here around in Manila. It's hard to forgive someone to those people whom they trying to divulged my credibility as a person. It's different because a bigger damage of accusing "being a thief" without showing some evidence to proof that you are a thief. A friendship and trust to a colleague well it's hard to earned because of big damage on my name and as a person to. It's sounds personal but my career was affected because of this accusation. I'm put this one to God Almighty for his guidance and hoping this Christmas to clear everything especially my name being as a Blogger. My former officemates know me that I'm just my duty here inside the office. I have the clear conscience to show that I have no intentions to harm any officemates inside the office. I can also related to my past experience with my previous deployments but it is already settled by my officemates. It is a technically experience you are person to performed a project or task in an organization whether it is a telcom,food and beverage,manufacturing or real estate, The performance will count like your working behavior inside the office. You know that's why you are working for your own living but someone who accusing without malicious evidence.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The whole week

I had to many excess time that I have rendered inside the office just to meet the deadlines inside office, I know my limitations on that because I had experience that before when I'm doing projects but not overloaded that I'm experience these remaining few days inside the office. I know that most of the professionals have their plans from themselves for their coming few days to my deployment. I'm just preparing myself for my better future, we'll I don't want to mentioned those plans for myself the next few years. I know that our high school reunion that will be held today was postponed due that most of my former schoolmates were busy to their work locally and abroad. I guess this is not the right time for us to see each other or they have encountered problems with my former schoolmates (it's confidential). I'm hoping the right time to see my former schoolmates back home here in Manila soon. We'll I had a lots of sleep after the long extended hours of technical works inside the office.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Johnny Delgado died at age of 61

Actor Johnny Delgado Juan Marasigan Feleo in real life died passed away after long-battled out with lymphoma or cancer of the lymph nodes.

Globe Tattoo YouUniverse

Check out the new face on Globe as Sarah Geronimo check out the commercial:

 For more on the Globe Tattoo just click on the site Globe Tattoo

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Manny Pacquiao "New World WelterWeight Champion"

More Firepower was shown on the bout earlier with Michael Cotto in MGM Las Vegas Nevada for the WBO Welterweight Title Bout that Michael Cotto at the main event, But a 12th title round progress won by Manny Pacquiao.  His fans is looking forward to a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight for next year, we want to end up the feud between Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

"I'm just doing what they want to be expected"

I'm just doing the task that they needed in a certain project. of course, where just an outsource people in for the organization well we have to meet what they want from you.  I know it's natural for some outsource people want to get absorb from the organization that you're working in. Having my own evaluation about myself, maybe I already given they wanted for their satisfaction. There are some doing a professional issue regarding a person will assigned on a project or a task because he is to technical guy or what? Weird!!! I know that feeling because I myself is also an outsource person too. But what do motivates me was my past experiences I had before. Every Professional do commit mistakes to their professional career, they do help them to do better to the chosen organization. An accomplishment is part of the professional's achievement, they do collegues make proud of the performance on the project, it's true... knowing that the project manager likes the progress of the project that you're handling, where not born to be perfect at all times, sometimes we go up, sometimes we go down, if you go down it's hard to grow yourself up. Well! it's true, I know that a person falls serves a wke-up call for him/her to do better on a project or a task that he/she handling.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"An advantage to watch a movie or television online"

Hmmm! very nice! hehehe! I can watch now a movie without any commerical on my personal computer. How nice was that with PLDT Watchpad. I can watch my favorite show or movie online. This is cool for me though I am still connected with another telco company at present. PLDT Watchpad bring better broadband connection to your homes watching your movies on your DSL internet connection. This is great, plus an opportunity to see the award movies by Director Brillante Mendoza award indie-film "KINATAY" plus the much awaited fight between the much-awaited battle of Pacquiao vs Cottos here  in PLDT  Watchpad without commercial break. PLDT Watchpad connection are become wider and faster enough to see your favorite shows online compare to the other broadband internet connection so people should realize when we choose a broadband internet connection, you have to see that the connection is very fast and consistent to surf on the internet, download mp3 music or even watch a movie or your favorite TV shows online. An opportunity for us bloggers like to me to share my ideas and chat with some of my friends or collegues throu my PLDT Watchpad.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

"Another Bag for me again"

Off to my duty of the office, As usual no activity for these moment Well I'm just enjoying playing music with my MP3 Player that's nice. Well! they want something new things that I'm using at present going on malls or in an office of work as usual. Hmmm! My mother always thinks that I usually use my old stuff but I do see that they can be usable for now. Well it depends that I do have my salary saved til December. Hehehehe!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

"I should take any activities to get more friends"

I'm having great time off for my work going some places where I've been through before. I have enjoyed a lot in meeting new teammates or reuniting with my former officemates or schoolmates inside the office. A whole week of relaxation and having my music on my MP3 Player in which I bought it to Trinoma Malls here in North Avenue Quezon City, when I get off to the MRT Station at the North Avenue Station. I had great time going to Trinoma and had canvass a new MP3 player there at the Trinoma but before Trinoma, Before Trinoma, I had a chance to check my monthly contributions on Philhealth and pay the other quarterly contribution in the Philhealth Main Office. Well that is one of the mandatory requirements either! hehehehe!!!! Well off enjoying my weekend either, I just spend my time doing much productive and continuing my usual activities on our personal computer. Watching my favorite show either "Who wants to Millionaire" (that's saturday), Hmmm! at the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards, an experience for me being part of these blogging nation at least now I have chance to meet all the bloggers from Luzon. Wow! Blogging can reach lives or inspire other people.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Effects of the Global Warming and Climate Change

Last Saturday, Typhoon "Ondoy" entered to the Philippine responsiblity. A terrible experience for the Filipinos on the flash floods surrounded all over the Metro Manila though there were some Filipinos were safe during saturday terrible typhoon "Ondoy". We've never expect this thing to happen in our lives. For us, we should give ourselves time to do something in saving the environment. Why we experience these flash floods and thunder storms is because we have destroyed or abused the environment that god given to us at present? A quote from said:

 " All who call on God in true faith, earnestly from the heart, will certainly be heard, and will receive what they have asked and desired, although not in the hour or in the measure, or the very thing they ask. Yet they will obtain something greater and more glorious than they had dared to ask."

                                              By: Martin Luther

An experience for us that we should know how to take care our environment. An advocacy against cutting trees over the forest, building a factory beside the  LAMESA damn, air pollution and etc... WWF Philippines and Green Peace is one of the advocate of promoting clean and green environment. People should realize that God is reminding us that we should still take good care of his creation which he created. 

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Krrunch Time at the Office

On my daily deployments at present, whenever I had the Total thyroidectomy operation last April of this year it doesn't matter, I had my pringles on my workstation, I can do any job or task that my immediate will ask me to do, at least I have something to eat on my workstation. Pringles is one of my best snacks I had during my break time inside the office of course during office hours there are lots of activities need to accomplished on the same day, What I did was during break time I buy Pringles or even going home, I usually have Krrunch Time at the FX so that I might not get irritated at the Traffic usually at Rosario Pasig City or work. I had my Krrunch Time and fine great time with Pringles on the daily basis that we have to finish all the tasks within a day. 

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Martin Nievera and Gary Velenciano As 1 the Concert

Two of the greatest artist of all time here in the Philippines come together as 1. The concert from Concert King Martin Nievera and Mr.Pure Energy Gary Valenciano at Open Grounds of the SMX Mall of Asia.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Kacip Fatimah Coffee

Every morning before to going on my project deployment, I usually take this Kacip Fatimah Coffee before I had a every day breakfast knowing that I am ongoing the thyroid replacement therapy at present. After I had this coffee for the past couple of weeks though I had a several adjustment in going to the office but on the project tasks and responsibilities, I'll keep myself ongoing and going til to finish my project. A Unique blend with pleasant taste and aroma specifically introduced for feminine coffee lovers. Labsia Pumila or Kacip Fatimah is rich in PHYTOESTROGENS and are traditionally used by women who experienced a loss of libido and for restoring vitality after childbirth. Kacip Fatimah is also known to produce positive effects such as aids tightens the uterus, abdominal muscles, and aids in rebalancing the body's hormones for sexual hormones.It help me a lot especially with my health is concern on my work at my daily activities like going to the events around the Metro Manila. See the related story on: Click here  KDI

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Broadband Internet Connection

During the past few days when I lost my internet connection, I've decided to have an inquiry on broadband internet products from Globe Payments and Services in SM Taytay and in the main office here in Mandaluyong. When I saw the one of the Globe tattoo product, I think this is more convenient over some broadband internet connection that we have today, Most of the Web Developers, Designers and Bloggers they want convenient internet connection where they can easily generate an interactive website, building your friend's network on the different social networking sites like the Friendster,Twitter,Facebook and Multiply Sites.

Globe also produce the limited G.I Joe tattoo designs. If you want to see more on the products and services that globe has you may check on

Saturday, September 5, 2009


An documentary environmental show coming at the GMA-7 "PLANET PHILIPPINES" hosted by: Richard Gutierrez. This is show is similar with the "SIGNOS" where they are showing the beautiful sceneries here in the Philippines. I found that this show is more interesting for my part because I'm also a member of the WWF Philippines, an environmental advocate group helping to improve our environment here in the Philippines. Richard Gutierrez, premier's GMA-7 Artist with his shows rate as number one under his belt. An advocate of Greenpeace upon his advocacy in saving our planet earth. His show "SIGNOS" pave his career on high as an environmentalist, He prove his acting skills on his  shows on prime-time with the KAPUSO network. Upon his acting career, he is been also producing a horror film in following to the "PATIENT X" with Cristine Reyes as his new leading lady in this movie. As a sequel to his first movie "SIGAW" and the foreign counter film which is the "ECHO".

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Teacher Carol Expelled at the Palau Island

After Justine expelled from the Koror tribe, Now it's Teacher Carol was now expelled from the Koror Island during the 2nd tribal council of the Survivor Philippines 2. The alliance of Louie, Suzuki and Charles worked because they've based about the performance during the 2nd immunity challenge were Airai won by a point. Alliance of Louie, Suzuki and Charles is instrumental were Teacher Carol was the 2nd Castaway from Isla Purgatoryo together with Justine also from the same tribe. Now this cast-offs Carol and Justine will show their at the Isla Purgatoryo or The Snake Island. I never seen these as risky as the Season 1 of the Survivor Philippines ever. Isla Purgatoryo is unfamiliar place for us that we have here in the Philippines. No wonder do some Filipinos have no idea what is Isla Purgatoryo means? But we do about these place is also unfamiliar place here in Palu Island where do some snakes or other creatures lived in this unfamiliar territory.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Terminator Salvation the movie watching on DVD

Watching on cinemas is one expensive things that I cannot afford in because it costs hundreds in all cinemas around the Metro Manila. Lucky during our fiesta last August 23, 2009 here in our village, my brother had a chance to buy the copy of this movie to our market. I get the chance to watch on our dvd at home. The first I saw the story on fighting the terminator during 2018, People where fighting for survival on the evil forces of skynet. An individual came name Markus Wright from that year 2018. Markus Wright was one of the charged of a crime that he was judged to a death penalty at present but he was wondering why he went to 2018 though he thought that he was already executed in lethal injection, but that time he was wondering why I am still alive at 2018. The time i watch this movie, I was wondering what wil happen in the year 2018, i don't know for this one. I'm appreciated on the special effects and cinematography.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Things to be considered when a TV Show is declining or not?

How does a show gain audience share to the viewers? We'll I guess its person point of view if they do o do not like the show depends on the TV network has do many commercial advertisements has the network shown on TV, some viewers evaluate that this show is an educational to the kids some they do said in the person's point of view. I write this blog because on the views that I've read on the different journals like the kapuso network on the multiply site that the ratings of Darna is declining on primetime over channel 2's May bukas pa they've said. On TV viewers point-of-view, Channel 2 is improving at this stage over Channel 7 but the strength more on reality tv show and comedy show has the higher ratings over the other network. The competition is very tough to these networks. TV-5 is also patching up with the higher ratings on "Who wants to be Millionaire hosted by:Vic Sotto,Talentadong Pinoy hosted by: Ryan Agoncillo and etc...' This is just a reflection you don't have to comment on this because I'm also TV viewer that's it hehehe that's it

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Survivor Philippines Season 2 in Palau Island

The Survivor Philippines Season 2 kicked off last August 17, 2009 here in our Kapuso Network. No wonder that the intense pautakan, pagalingan at patatagan hits up were there 16 castaways came from the audition from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao proof their worth to become the next pinoy survivor. Any castaway wants to proof themselves as the next pinoy sole survivor but the other castaways want to have an exposure or a spot to the Philippine Entertainment Industry. When I saw the Pilot episode, their a lot of twist from the previous season. Being the next pinoy sole survivor it will be more challenging for the successful 16 castaways knowing the prize was 3M pesos Tax free. I'm expecting the alliance of the two tribes Airai and Koror. These two tribes led by the ex-PBA Player Cris Bolado and 45 yr old Public School Teacher Carol Gementiza.

I wasn't to complete the stint of the 16 castaways on daily basis due to some of the viewers came from the office and most of the viewers came from the office late tired from the office or in school. I'm just hoping and praying to have a full-marathon from day 1 up to the present of the Survivor Philippines Season 2. I am also an avid fan of the Survivor and the Survivor Philippines

Friday, August 21, 2009

Darna sa GMA-7 Telebabad

The classic darna is back on the GMA-7 Telebabad knowing that the new darna will portray by Marian Rivera. Marian Rivera was formitable actress here in Philippine Showbiz. I know that the we can dictate whom they are in favor to watch either you are with the Kapuso or kapamilya it doesn't matter. As long as the show is in favor for the children and educative. The ever classic Darna is back on the telebabad, I usually watched the classic darna on a big screen and television knowing that Angel Locsin marked up as one of the darna on primetime last 2005. They give a lot of twist, there are changes with the villains around and the story is still the same. The competition on the TV ratings is still the same with May Bukas pa by ABS-CBN as long as the viewers love a show.

Hard Days Work before Holiday

Information Technology could be difficult for some professionals if don't you prove your expertise not just in words but also thru action. I know that having holiday will be difficult for me to have a good rest at my house because I need also to do household chores with my body and mind still unrest. I still to manage with my new teammates inside outside the office. I have extended hours of doing the testing and checking all the accounts yet, I have done as accurate ever all the testing. I have used my project with my previous deployment were "although you've done fast the data processing, you need also to double check if the data processing is correct based on their process flow" I kept this motto on my present work, knowing that their are rumors rumors again but i won't let happen during my previous deployment where anomalies unto my credentials, I will allow the authorized people whom I really trusted to handle carefully my credentials. Unto the non-working holidays, OMG! I don't really understand the mood of an individual when she gets tired. Yes, I do understand but the other members of the family don't understand when someone gets tired from the office haha! it's really weird day, but for me, the usual thing Have a long sleep day hehehe!!!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

On to my 27th Birthday.

Though I was busy that time doing the testing, One of my immediate supervisors expect that the next day that I'll be turning 27 on this date August 12, 2009, I had never expect that happened that time at work. We'll one of my new co-consultant was a little bit funnier than me but it was a joke hahaha! So far, I'll be doing their projects with them for 1 1/2 months already. At least, I never failed to fulfill my promise ever on my last blog post ever.

Check out the greetings from facebook:

We'll I'm blessed that came to my office to visit and sending a birthday greeting is a simple ways of saying thank you to all. To former officemates, I know that you're expecting a visit from me their Makati, I'm sorry, I failed to that due to spend more time with my family on my birthday.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

People's Farewell to President Cory

As the whole nation says farewell and thank you for bringing back the democracy in our country to the an icon, a mother to his beloved five children and to his husband to Ninoy, a former president of our country Corazon C. Aquino as of this day laid her rest along side with his husband who was assassinated last August 21, 1983, Former Senator Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Jr. A solemn mass was held at the Manila Cathedral Church. An emotional Kris Aquino Yap speak up on behalf of the bereaved family Aquino. The bereaved family Aquino was relieved from grief as the people sympathize as we laid her rest at the Manila Memorial Park. A full military rites honored on the funeral rites as the Armed Forces of the Philippines paid their respect to the Former Commander in Chief. Life is priceless over money and power to a government as long as the family that stays and live together as one, that's why Corazon C. Aquino empahsizes of unity, peace and love to each other. A respect and sincerity to his/her beloved country is a major that makes her an icon of democracy. Corazon C. Aquino a grandmother to her wonderful and intelligent grandchildren and as a painter, her masterpieces expresses her feelings about going to a holy land and reunited to her beloved ninoy aquino. The feeling of letting go of someone suffering in pain is hardest thing to do. Ballsy,Pinky,Noynoy,Viel and Kris exprience that during their last days of their mom at the makati medical center. A painful for them seeing their mother suffering in pain but they do accept of letting go and the lord will accept her to his holyland.

Prayer for a Happy Death
Father, You made us in Your own image and Your Son accepted death for our salvation. Help us to keep watch in prayer at all times. May we be free from sin when we leave this world and rejoice in peace with You for ever. Amen.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Always stay focus!

Oh! I remember my former teammates and my former project manager that "You can do it" Oh! I was able to have "a good clean job" for the project and I was just get lucky that my former boss said that to me during my last deployment just as last year with that experiences on my deployment. I always keep my good performance on a project based to my present work right now well, I know that doing the right thing all over the weekend thou tomorrow will be the burial of our Former President Corazon C. Aquino. I guess I had to keep myself a good nice sleep all over that day. I know most of us had a difficulty to be focused on what are you doing but with right attitude in dealing with other people is important because this is one of the lesson I have learned from my bad experiences i had before. I have encountered a lot of pressure before because of the officemates that I am with in but the important thing is for me to have an adjustment with the new system and people of the organization. I know it's difficult to do this but as long as the people around you believes your credentials were enough to do the project successfully as your project manager expects

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Goodbye and Thank you Former President Cory

Former President Corazon C. Aquino died at 3:18am this morning at the Makati Medical Center due to a cardio respiratory arrest at age of 76. The Philippines and whole world mourns the death of the democracy icon, the first woman leader in the whole world. Her legacy to the nation when she stood up for bringing back the democracy during the dictatorship of President Ferdinand Marcos.

O Lord we thank you that we have Corazon Aquino as our President and a true democratic icon in our country. In your support and guidance to give an extensive support to surpass her diagnose but we know that she was prepared to submit to you. Her life and legacy lives on as remembers as one democratic icon of our country. From being a simple wife to become a true democratic icon knowing that there were also issue during her administration. A prayer warrior is being weapon for being successful person as she is.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I am thinking ways to patch up my savings

I am having a hard time to have something in which I can patch up with my expenses before. I know it will be a double time but as long as my client is with me for the website then I have enough time to build my pending system for my further clients. Right now, I have stable job on blogging and on my project at present as an IT Consultant and presently doing two website with my client here in Philippines. It sounds hard for me, despite of my comeback from a terrible surgical operation 2 months ago plus my incoming twenty seven birthday this coming August. I don't want to ruin my month long celebration with former teammates/officemates and proj.managers to my previous deployments and Altrion Technologies Philippines. I know it takes a lot of patience and focus on my profession plus the fact that earning hundreds one at the time if possible that could helped more to my expenses in the near future. We don't know gonna happened in the near future but for me. I have to be ready..

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fighting for your Life

Fighting for your life is a serious issue for most us at present. As we can see the case of the former president Corazon Aquino health condition will I can consider these is a major issue undergoing to the Stage 4 Colon Cancer it is very difficult to surpass these ailment. Just like what happen to the late master rapper Francis Magalona who where succumb from the Blood Cancer last march 6, 2009 at the Medical City.

Just also happen to the late action star Rudy Fernandez whose his beloved wife Lorna Tolentino fights for the cancer. I've learned for the stories where inspired that I am lucky that I surpassed from a Papillary Carcinoma(thyroid cancer). During my doctor's consultation, I've realized that prayers and support from my trusted friends and former officemates where there because they know that I am honest person that I can work with. Prayers helped a lot for me to survive at present. My schoolmates expressed their extensive support ever during my confinement at the UST Hospital where I just get lucky that most of the Nurse served on my hospitalization were my former schoolmates from St. Paul Pasig and La Consolacion Pasig, luckier that I've also my highschool mates who's also a Pathologist at present.

The easiest way to survive from your illness is to keep your family,friends or colleagues to give an extensive support and having strong faith to our lord almighty. One of my doctors said to me during my doctor's consultation is if you keep your family and friends to know your status via blog or an online social networking site by giving you prayers for you to live and God will give you a good sign that you have a chances to survive, there are some individuals survived from these illness as long as you know how to take good of yourself at least you can do whatever you want to do.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Everything is New for Me

Unto to my adjustments made to my new life. Still I've experiencing weird stuff on my new organization. I know i had different feeling but it's normal if you're just a new kid on a block to this org'n. Anyway, Well I've initiated new learning about work, meeting new friends, reuniting with your former schoolmates who also working in same organization. Well it's natural for some individuals who just come back from a major surgical operation last April for us it's natural. Well I do missed my former teammates/officemates before who just expecting a bday blow-out on my birthday but it's okay. I can reach thou my blog site that I wanna say thank you! for extensive support that you've given to me since that I'm undergo a major operation. I know that you want to patch these things from the past that it wasn't resolved it. Just forget the pass, Pass is pass you don't have to re-issue it again. I personally moved on with my life right now. I don't want to prejudge other people regarding with my behavior and attitude in this office. I'll be expecting to finish my freelancing projects with the next few months and looking forward for a big project outside the Philippines soon.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

When was the last time you've experience pressured?

The last time I had a pressured since when I had a bigger website project here in India. I think the timelines issued by the client itself within a couple of days. Why I am consider this? During that time I had also a project with one of my clients here in the Philippines. There times I usually stressed out with the attitude of my brother and mother, they usually raised a nonsense issue that may disturbed my rest after a long day project based work as an IT Consultant. Individuals knows how to balance their life at the office and home, because they simply want a convenient life that they wanted but they don't implement what they are saying on how to move on? but they are simply not moving on. The other side of this story, I see some individuals they don't really understand e.g your health condition that you are not required to exert more effort, but the doctor's advise that I have measured my moves inside and outside the office because I don't have the thyroid that produces hormones on my body on due the total thyroidectomy, On the lighter side. I have regain my usual activities one at time and the things that I haven't done yet before so that I don't encounter any pressured when it comes to finish a project whether it is a program testing or system development.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

King of POP Michael Jackson

A tribute to the KING OF POP Michael Jackson all around the world after his death, From foreign to local entertainers hail to the Legendary Music icon of all time his genius and contribution to revolutionize the music industry on his era, we also consider as one of the successful artist ever with his record breaking albums off all time . We are also sad with the news came to him. As expected most of his fans came to the memorial at the Los Angeles Staple Center give their respect to the legendary music icon ever of all time.

His music sends his people's lives especially with it comes to the politics and love to your partner or family. He revolutionize the world of music with his move on the dance floor where most of our local entertainers as a music icon. Fans mourn on his death, some do pay tribute to the KING of POP as respect to his contribution to the music industry. I remember in 1996 where Michael Jackson came here in the Philippines to have a big concert to all Filipino Fans even the reporters from GMA-7 when they saw Michael Jackson from the airport.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Different Melissa Marasigan

A different Melissa Marasigan these days. I've learned my lesson from my past working deployments before. I've learned not trust a person whom you just recently met. Second thing is I'm now be careful of what I'm doing inside and outside the office. Why am I telling this? Every individual changes, This is Melissa Marasigan right now. I am doing what it takes to be a successful project that I am handling right now. She is more different right now in terms of my new collegues, I don't see any problem working with them. They boost my moral to work with this project at my best so I don't see any office politics their in this organization here in my deployment in another consulting firm unlike my previous deployment their in Makati. I've set my new IT Profile despite my skills where on average level. The second thing that I am sharing these because I've realized that a real healthy environment that I am looking for is on my present deployment, that's why I am making good impression and sharing some technical ideas with regards to the project that I'm part with, Nervous at first but when trying to study further project so that when the development comes I'll be sending out the output deliverables on the said date of the timeline set by the team.

Sabi daw nila "immature daw ako" pero pinatunayan ko yan na sila ang immature at hindi ako. alam ninyo ba kung bakit? Una sa lahat, Habang ako nakadeploy ako dyan, imbis na magtrabaho ng maayos eh sila nga yung gumagawa ng pulitika sa opisina, sa tingin ninyo ba? magrogrow ako? Palagay ko hindi. Bkit? kasi na demoralized ka na, kasi ang katwiran nila mas trusted daw sila kasi matagal na raw sila kaysa sa mga bago na wala pa sila idea kung anong kumpanya yan, imbis na magtrabaho ng mas matagal eh! eto nga nangyari nademoralize ka, hindi pa maganda yung end of contract. Ang daming istorya na gawa-gawa rin ng kapwa ko ring contractor.

Ngayon, lahat ng professional ethics para tumagal ka sa kumpanya ng pinagtatrabahuan mo ginagawa ko ngayon. Mas eager ako na tapusin yung proyekto na hinahawak ko ngayon. Mas maiingat ako sa mga tao kinakausap ko kasi baka sila yung magpahamak sa akin sa susunod na buwan. Kung may kailangan ko ayusin dapat magsabi lagi sa immediate boss. Eto ay lagi ko na ito ginagawa. Pinagdarasal ko na lang yung mga tao gustong pabagsakin na sila na lang bumagsak wag na ako.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy 59 Anniversary Kapuso

Grateful at 59. Proven that GMA Network proves that they are No.1 with their audience share with their rival network. All the Kapuso Shows marked to the millions of fans and building new talents on drama,action or in comedy. Game shows like the Hole in the Wall marked all the fans with Angelina portray by Ogie Alcasid and Yaya by Michael V. they make us entertain all the fans with their funny anthics.

Happy 59th Anniversary Kapuso!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Transformers 2 movie

A movie picture pick of all time Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen, It would be easier to watch if you have watched the Transformers the movie. This just a sequel of the Transformers the movie, characters where all the same as the first part of the movie. I think I've just watched the Transformers 1 a few months ago on this personal computers, and when I watched the trailer of the Transformers 2 will be much exciting to watch than the first part of the Transformers.

Transformers Pictures

Here are some of my pics

Friday, June 26, 2009

A tribute to the King of POP and the Original Charlie's Angel star

A tribute to the King of POP who just suffered at the cardiac arrest in his house, died in UCLA Medical Center. People expecting that their will be his comeback concert as promise this July 13, 2009. But the fans all over the country mourn when the news came out that the KING of POP died. I myself that I truly respect him as one of the greatest performers of all time his number hits in the billboard charts where unbelievable, live performances on the concert stage aside form these news there is another big celebrity died also as of today where Michael Jackson died. A 70's sexy actress and former Charlie's Angels Farrah Fawcett died at the anal cancer.

When I heard that cancer it reminds of my health status right now. One of my doctors said that there are several individuals survived these illness ever in our present day. I respect the legacy of the King of POP here in the music industry, Farrah's role as on his angels in the 70's hit Charlie's Angels, Fans will gonna miss you but the contribution to the entertainment industry will keep as one treasure to your millions of fans across all over the world.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Welcome Back

Hay! ang sarap ng pakikiramramdam na bumalik sa dati kong gawain. Sa una pa lang medyo nervous pa ako kasi hindi ko pa alam yung mga dapat kong gagawain sa loob ng 6 na buwan. Siyempre basa-basa uli ng mga libro sa computer para pagsabak eh! okey na ako. Sa freelance ko naman ayun. kailangan ko iup yung website ng isa sa mga client ko kasi nagexpire yung dating domain niya. Una araw ko sa opisina uli, dito sa Globe Telecom may mga ilang kakilala na ako dyan na naging kaklase nung nasa TIP Q.C pa ako. Ang suwerte ko nga, IT admin assistant ko siya ngayon. Sa unang limang araw ko sa opisina, dapat maging familiar sa mga ginamit nila para tama yung pakatrabaho ko sa project na yan. Kaya ko naman nasabi eh! ganito rin yung naging trabaho sa isang pinagsilbihan ko as Contractor din sa Makati eh! yung sa P&G ng ibang consulting company dito rin sa Makati City kasi yung deployment ko eh! kaso tapos yung kontrata ko nun kaya on and off ako pag dating sa system or web development. Malaking bagay yung experience ko sa dati kong trabaho lalu-lalo na sa mga tao kasama mo sa loob ng opisina kasi nangyari na sa akin yan nung nagsisimula pa lamang ako sa P&G Asia Ltd under pa rin kay Information Professionals Inc, Ah! marami pa ako natutunan. Kaya nga sabi sa commericial ng coke zero "Dare to start from zero" at least marami na ako natutunan sa mga kasama ko sa Altrion,FLI,Coca-Cola,BFS,P&G,EPLDT-iPlus/Zuellig

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pussy Cat Doll Domination Concert at the Mall of Asia

The Pussy Cat Dolls will be having a big doll domination concert at the Mall of Asia concert grounds tonight, This is their second time that they will be having their concert here in Philippines because they had also a successful concert at first here also in the Philippines features a Filipina-Russian lead singer Nicole Scherzinger. I'm also an avid fan of Pussy Cat Dolls because they made a successful rendition of "Jaiho" from one of my favorite movies that I've watched is the slumdog millionaire. I'm sure this gonna be more successful as they had their concert here last 2006.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"I've just remain calm and happy"

First thing, I've just signed a contract as a programmer that will last til December of this year to a telecommunication company here in Mandaluyong City. On my freelance side, As I said on my previous post to communicate thou email with my client and I haven't heard about him yet but it's okay, at least I do find time to have practice my skills further as a programmer due to the hyperthyroid disease I had last April 15, 2009. I know that my friends were okay despite all the issues happening at present like AH1N1 virus, No to Con-Ass and etc... I am looking forward to have our high school reunion will push through on December 2009. Most of my high school batchmates haven't seen the lcs batch 99 high school website Of course, I need to pay my bills as soon as my resumption as a computer programmer will go along. Yeah! To my former colleague in EPLDT-iPLUS, Coca-Cola,Altrion,Filinvest especially with my Bahay Financial Services,P&G we'll thank you again! for the very stint project-based work with you for the past three years will help me to prove myself to be as one IT experts we have here in the Philippines.

To my former colleagues,
Thank you again for the support that you've given me most especially with my former colleagues in EPLDT-iPlus,Bahay Financial Services Inc. and Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines Inc. Please do take care of yourself, regarding with AH1N1 virus we had at present. I don't know how to be able to thank you personally but thou my post will help. Still I'm counting on your support and prayers also now that I am ongoing thyroid replacement therapy, that will keep me stronger.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm Back as a Programmer

We'll despite of the major operation I had at the thyroidectomy held at the UST Hospital. I had an offer which is suitable to my needs so far so good at least. As of my freelance projects, Well I had to communicate with my client today if he is here regarding the two websites that I'm building. Please do extend patience on due to my personal difference that I'm encountering in my work place but I'll be moving out to this place really soon and look for a working area that will able to continue providing web and system development services. Everything is okay at this moment. An extensive support for the success of my projects in the future. At least that I am happy for my resumption as a Programmer will come all the way. Thank you! and continue for your support that you've given me this pass 2 months because I'm undergoing also a thyroid replacement therapy. I know that I felt hatred with my family as you've read to my previous post ever. I know that they are not helpful for my therapy ever especially to my monster mother and my demon brother ever... Oh! they might kill me. Anyway! I'll be communicating with my client on Thursday regarding the websites because I have to finish the ring-design website and to coordinate this with my client by Thursday.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Give me time to decide. my mother and my brother is a bitch!

I was informed by the two organization that I'll be having my orientation on June 15 or June 16, we'll it depends on my capabilities that should I take it or not we don't know? For me, the organization which is located at Ortigas in Pasig is more capable on my part because they've been using one of my technical expertise which is ASP Programming while the organization here in Boni, Mandaluyong City that I'll be using some of the technical skills with a knowledge in which I don't have a practice yet but still I surpassed the interview. Will see! Guess what? My mother and my brother where not okay. There are some differences where raised. First is My mother keeps telling that I am "stupid", Second is My brother keeps telling that I am "stubborn" and "lazy". We'll the truth is guess who is the really lazy individual in this house, the real monster when it comes to money and everything, exactly my brother. Hay! I know that I am experiencing gaps that's why I am suffering ailments like this due to raising differences which themselves cannot finished it. My monster mom of course, I do really hate so much.

Oh! Lord, Please do help to finish this one now.
I know you are there listening to me despite my
family raised and caused my brother and my
mother, please enlighten there minds who is
still raising the whole truth on what's going
on here, Please help me to push my plans
for my healthful recovery on my
thyroid therapy.

I know that he will listen with my grievances ever in my daily life.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"On-going interview process, hoping that my interview will hire me asap"

I had my appointment at the Telecommunication Company under a Primeover Consultancy. We'll the interview was okay in fact he asked my question regarding my past working experience. Aside from Globe Telecom, I am also looking forward at the one of finest department stores here in the Philippines owned by a well known Filipino-Chinese business tycoon, When I had the interview with the Recruiting Staff, I've seen the stable benefits as I expected for my future. I think and wishing that my plans will finally push, and expecting something better for my own good. I am also praying that I'll be soon be paid for the web design at least that I am expecting and that I am consider the one of my achievements as a freelancer. I know that God knows the whole truth about my life. Being programmer is one of the greatest treasure that no one will vanished from me as a person. God knows that I have no successful childhood days that I'm not looking back anymore. I want to prove themselves that I can handle myself without their help and support. My former colleagues understand my stand because I opened up to them to the way I stand at present.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"A Better Day for me this time, Hope that I can resume my duty as a Programmer really soon"

After that I have diagnose to the Hyperthyroidism it turns out that it was benign in nature, We'll I have lived the normal things that I usually do on before the operation occurs. One of my objectives is to accomplished my pending websites to be publish on my client here in the Philippines. I am lucky that I friends and my former colleagues where there to keep praying for me for surpassing my on-going thyroid hormone replacement therapy. I was disappointed on my family who where acting as pathetic individuals when it comes for their responsibilities here in our house. I don't mind on those things it might keeps me stressed again if I think those irritated problems again instead a just stay focus on my freelance web development projects (See the updates on I usually post on my latest progress on my projects here on this URL looking for a stable work also so that I can push my upcoming out of town vacation on December 2009 if our High School reunion will push thou on the same month and year. There are progress on job application at present hoping to work on my duties and responsibilities as a programmer really soon so that my plans on my out-of-town vacation will push thou even with/without a company well depends on my decision as long as I have good rest coming from an irritated family of mine.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kris Allen "2009 American Idol Winner"

Who ever thought that the dark horse of the Season 8 of the American Idol emerge as the winner for this competition? Well, I should say that when he performs on stage even with or without an instrument he brings a lot of energy when he is on stage, a unique style of interpreting the song from the great music icons and charisma to the audience as well. A highest point ever in the history of the American Idol when it comes to the text votes over Adam Lambert.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

David Cook on Eat Bulaga

Well, I just get lucky that we have the youtube to watch the missed show on my favorite noontime show Eat Bulaga last May 15, 2009 where David Cook and his companion Billy is one of their guest before their concert at the Mall of Asia last May 16,2009. No wonder that I am an avid fan of David Archuleta and David Cook. I am an avid fan of their song "THE TIME OF MY LIFE","ALWAYS BE MY BABY" and "CRUSH". The fans at the broadway where getting crazy on him when David Cook guest on the longest noontime show "Eat Bulaga". No wonder after happen to his brother still his performance when I watched him on the American Idol is the same when he was guest in Eat Bulaga

Friday, May 15, 2009

Good Day!

A Good Day for me! I have successfully recovered from the surgery on the thyroid. From the surgeon's point of view. There is a tendency that a mass seen on my thyroid might be cancerous if the total thyroidectomy will not occurred. I guess this is the end for me. But, Over a hundreds who suffer the cancer. Some individuals where survived. What is important for me is I am eligible to work again, Regaining my normal activities that is usually doing at all times but I need to go on a therapy like doing exercise on weekends to be able to sustain my healthy condition, drink milk and water to sustain the thyroid hormone replacement medicine that I'm intake on time. Oh! I forgot to watch Eat Bulaga because David Cook is one of their guests. Well it's okay because I'm gonna watch here on youtube on my available time. I am blessed to my closest and trusted friends and colleagues pray and support me before and after the operation held in UST. There a lot of opportunities open for the local employment as a programmer at present but for now at least I have two websites to finished aside for looking for a job in a stable organization. At least for now that I am productive despite that my parents are continuing arguing some non-sense issue at home.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

David Cook and David Archuleta Concert at the MOA

A long wait is over. A much waited concert will held at SMX Convention Center at the Mall of Asia. I've just watched Eat Bulaga a few weeks ago and David Archuleta was one their guest. A jump-packed audience where screaming and shouting where David Archuleta sing his one of hits like "Crush". Hey' I'm gonna missed tomorrow's at Eat Bulaga where David Cook was one of their guest. I am gonna expect more crowd this coming saturday at the SMX Convention Center at the Mall of Asia. sponsored by: Metro card Club and Fearless production

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Whaa! This time I need to double time my freelance and see a stable job already

Whatever Yaya! I'm not a looser for Christ sake! Well, I need to double time and coordinate with my client here in the Philippines. Oh! Jesus Christ, I have many priorities to help and save money first. I need also to seek a stable work for me to supply my lifetime medicine, telephone bills and credit card bills. I know that it will additional obligation for me the medicine for my thyroid. Well, The good news is this that I am eligible to go work again.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

"I didn't expect this thing gonna happen to me"

After a month rest and a post-throidectomy, I went to the office last May 4, 2009. When I saw the office. I didn't expect that there is a massive resignation occured just as last week including myself also. Well, during my stint in Annapolis Greenhills is pretty obvious that the company is still starting and I saw the operations that they are unstable. Well, I don't expect that my request was granted because of a massive resignation among the employees occured during that time but for me. A blessed in this guys that I have still have time to work and earn as a freelancer. I have also a time to owe and recuperate myself as long as I get back. During my rest, I am also finishing a website to one of my clients here in the Philippines thou I am starting to send out resumes to the other companies here in Metro Manila just waiting for my doctors certification that I am eligible to work and earn again. On my rest day, I've watched to Pacquiao vs. Hatton fight, Pacquiao won in just 2 rounds. No wonder that Manny Pacquiao is the greatest boxer of all time. On my health condition, A big help for a speedy recovery to go on walking and water therapy. As usual, the usual things I did before.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Battle of East vs West

This is it! long wait is over, A blockbuster fight between two of the best boxers that we have today. The No.1 contender, 1st Asian Pound for Pound King Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao vs. The champion Ricky "Hitman" Hatton for the Lightweight championship belt at the MGM Grand Las Vegas Nevada. This is a blockbuster fight ever for Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's good to be back

It helped a lot during my rest by watching "Yaya and Angelina" to their new game show "Hole in the whole" and Eat Bulaga on Channel 7. Now that I've realized that laughter is the best medicine ever. It's keep me entertaining to me and feels so good to recover after the total thyroidectomy operation held in UST Hospital last few weeks ago. Now, I can travel myself alone without a company thou I have problems with my apetite becuase on the dishes is the crab which it is not suited on my daily apetite. So I have to eat vegetables and more fruits will be helpful for my recovery. I am on the stage to bring back my programming development skills. I've checked to my and it seems that a sign for an open opportunity ever to my entire life as a programmer but I need to do health maintenance for a full recovery. The GMA-Shows keeps me entertaining especially on the variety,reality and comedy shows ever. I believe that miracles will occur just to keep myself moving.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A week of therapy after the operation

Of course, I have to take a thyroid hormone medicine for the thyroid replacement for life. But I do believe miracles occurred during my deepest darkest hour in my whole entire life. By Wednesday, I'll be having my TSH,FT4 and Calcium at the Medical City for an evaluation to see if I'll be undergoing a thyroid hormone medication for life. Miracles will occur thou your continuously support and prayers that God is within me. I know that, Because I've trusted him so much. I believe that he saved my life, he answer my prayers. Now I can go to the church alone. Tomorrow, I'll be trying to walk from my place to Manila East here in Taytay Rizal. During my childhood days upto today to travel along the places here in Philippines and abroad. I'm keep on praying that this is not the end after the operation happened at the UST. A HolyWeek break before I'll be admitting myself to the UST Hospital helped me a lot because I've been some signs that my life is on danger during my employment here in Xinapse Inc. I have falling hair when I comb my hair by myself, I can't swallow the food that I usually ate, I usually get tired and having a hard time to speak to people around me. But now, I can breathe easily, no falling hair occured when i comb my hair and etc... Well, I have a week of rest after the procedure then there is another week coming for me to bring back the usual things I do before. Right Now, I'm bringing back my web and system development skills back to normal. I try to do walking alone in the morning from my house-Manila East and having a lot of rest and sleep. I am looking forward to report on May 4, 2009 at the office to patch things one up the projects that are aligned to me. I am continously research on the medical internet about the surgical report made by the pathologist and my general surgeon at the UST. I am also looking forward to reunite to my peers and collegues before just to celebrate that I have finally survived. More Projects to come....

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An update on last operation held in UST

If you researched the disease of Papillary Carcinoma and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis all over the internet. The total thyroidectomy procedure is the best solution to cure this disease so that they will not attack the thyroid gland. I believed the credential's of my general surgeon, hoping that the medocare will give me a endocrinologist with good credential's. My decision is risky for my part, At first I was really disappointment, when I do search this thyroid disease and the operational procedure did. I realize that I have made the right decision to undergo on surgery rather than my life is will be danger.Now I'm out of danger and I'll be having my lifetime medication for me to produce thyroid hormones and maintenance. Right Now, I am currently resting and taking medicine for the surgery and by Friday will go to the Medocare for a referral to an endocrinologist.

By the way, to my officemates before and at present that continuously support me whatever risk that I've been undergoing, I just want to thank you especially with my officemates and immediate superiors from EPLDT-iPLUS, BFS, P&G and Coca-Cola to whom they said that they are looking forward to reunite with them again. Thank you! Former schoolmates thank you very much! I am looking forward for our high school reunion soon. to my present boss for their understanding on my health condition.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Proven to be a survivor

In the deepest darkest hour, with the extensive support of my former officemates, immediate supervisor, friends, family and relative proves that God given me the second life to continue my duties and responsibilities as an IT Professional. A risk move on my part is dangerous because I have to spend a lot of money for the medicine and etc... At least I have survive the operation on thyroid for good. Right Now, that I'm currently resting and it's feels good that I'm back...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thyroid Operation

During the holyweek break, I feel his God's prescence and he give me the sign that I should be undergo surgery on my thyroid because this is an only way to continue to serve and my provide some IT solutions to my customers. It will be my tenth time to put myself on a surgery this time on my thyroid. I have heard prayers from the companies that I have served as Programmer/Contractor and Program Implementer. Some of my collegues said that If Xinapse would not allow my conditions to be implemented upon my health condition then it's better to have my forced resignation will occured, After my surgery and fulfill recover then that's time I can start myself as a healthy as I am if the projects is open and needed a VB/VBA Excel macro Consultant needed. From Altrion,FLI,Coca-Cola,BFS ,P&G and EPLDT-IPlus former superiors, teammates and office mates express their support and prayers for a successful operation and speedy recovery. to my former classmates and friends express their support on my operation that I should relax myself if your condition on Xinapse will not be implemented and raising unsolicited issues upon my health condition then a forced resignation will occur for me to give myself a long time rest. I believe that my previous employers will open it's doors for me a new project if possible after that I am fully recover.

Tomorrow, I'll be on my doctor for some discussion with regards on the thyroid operation then the talk to Xinapse Inc. unto to the discussion to be made regarding on my working status with them. By Tuesday, I am now at University of Santo Tomas Hospital for them to do my thyroid operation. Please pray for the successful operation and speedy recovery. These prayers will make me stronger person that I can be

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Stand up and free from sickness

After the results made on the biopsy, the doctors decided to have a surgery on my thyroid, A major risk move for me in the course of a project with my employer here in Greenhills. For me, I was depress but what' s makes good for me is I can pursue my system development if they would allow me to do this project at home. I am expected this will be happening to me because based on my research on hyperthyroidism, the surgery will be the best solution. During my younger days, I was hospitalized due to a mass on breast or even my tonsil before and now my thyroid. I was grateful enough that doing freelance work will not effect on my condition but my employment in Annapolis, Greenhills has major effect because you have to report M-F from (9am-7pm) 9 hours, I was thankful that my former colleagues before with BFS and Coca-Cola offer a support for me even my former schoolmates before a big support and my family of course.

Pray and support me for a speedy recovery for the thyroid. This will be difficult for me on my part but with the lesson that I have learn from the late master rapper that you have to stand up whatever you're condition and do what is best to be productive even when you are at home.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A special tribute to the Master Rapper

"Mga kababayan ko dapat ng malaman ninyo bilib ako sa kulay ako ay Pilipino, maitim, maputi meron naman akong kayumanggi", These are some of the lyrics of his 1990 release album "YO!" from Polyeast records. During my younger days, His stint on That's Entertainment, I've watched one of his movies before he is known as the master rapper is the "Bagets 2". I've believed his craft as an artist to do nationalistic songs and R&B Songs like Cool Summer Nights.... I'm also an avid fan of eat bulaga, Being makulit on tv, A TV host, a composer and producer. He open it's doors to the younger one's on rap. Blak 9 which is one of my High School batchmates before in La Consolacion Pasig believe his craft as a rapper so I'm very grateful to him that he help him his best what he is right now. He is truly national artist upon his achievement that he shared upon his movies until televison, a badge to the walk of fame in Eastwood Libis Quezon City.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Francis Magalona

Francis Magalona died last Friday March 6, 2009 on leukemia at The Medical City Hospital 12 noon, the announcement was made by Vic Sotto one of the tv host of the longest noontime show "Eat Bulaga". His fans admired him because of his artistry, love in music, arts and photography where he won several awards during his illustrious career in showbiz. Definitely he is the best music icon that I've ever since here in Philippine Showbiz. I am an avid fan of Francis M. and "Cold Summer Nights" is one of my favorites. Simply he is the only the master rapper.

Friday, February 27, 2009

A deep struggle that I've encountered

During the midst of my on-going projects as a Freelance Web Developer and a Programmer in one of the software firms owned by the proud alumnus of UP Diliman. I'm suffering a thyroid fever/ Hyperthyroidism. The stress and problems that I've encountered is after my last deployment under Information Professional Inc. and my deployment under the subsidiary of PLDT. I know is a deep challenge for me to fight this sickness. But my strength is within my friends and my former colleagues to support me whenever that I'm going thou. My former boss is here to support all the way thou my recovery. An extended support to my full recovery which much better to fulfill my dreams in which I planned during my younger years. I don't expect any support for my family members because I don't see the sincerity on my health and career condition in which that I'm going thou.

To my friends and former colleagues that I worked before, I am not begging for the money for the expenses to my health condition but a prayers will help me to strive better in a healthier way in which I can fulfill my dreams more to the future IT professionals. A prayer will give me a full recovery and helping you to fulfill your needs for your organization. I have many grievances during my younger years with my present family. I don't want this to experience with my future family.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Why do some trying to rude my Information Technology career?

Well there are some individuals are trying to rude my IT career as of now why? Because they've been questioning my programming skills ever. It happen when I have my end-of-contract with my last project site under an IT consulting firm. Now that I am freelancer can enhance my skills further on programming.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A goal to fulfill this 2009

I have many things to catch up. Well this 2009 will be a fresh start for me. Knowing the struggles that I've encountered during the past year. The plans that I have mention is one of my priorities but I have still to earn more money because I was the doing the finance during the holiday season. Of course, I have to finish all the projects that is pending because of my in-house projects with two of the IT-Consulting firms that they've handling my profile, I'm grateful that they still consider me as an IT Consultant for their clients.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A 2008 Year-ender

Past Year was different for me. Though I have already finish two of my project sites under in an IT consulting firm here in Makati City, after one of the two project sites here in Makati City. I thought that it was an end for me and I would not able to have my third project site that could possibly my absorption for me but still I don't lost hope yet. I usually browse on a freelancer sites that I could possibly open a project for me and still I have to maintain a wordpress website that I have just up just last October of 2008. Many things happen that I've encountered stress, but I overcome with those to the newly found friends I have just recently in a new organization. but still I have to think again if they could possibly have chances to stable as a programmer in this organization or I have to look for a work whatever happens still I have a fall back ever.

Project achievements:

  • VBA/Excel Macro plus SAP and SAP Webflow Administration in an IT consulting firm for One year(a possible third project site that could be my absorption).