Friday, May 15, 2009

Good Day!

A Good Day for me! I have successfully recovered from the surgery on the thyroid. From the surgeon's point of view. There is a tendency that a mass seen on my thyroid might be cancerous if the total thyroidectomy will not occurred. I guess this is the end for me. But, Over a hundreds who suffer the cancer. Some individuals where survived. What is important for me is I am eligible to work again, Regaining my normal activities that is usually doing at all times but I need to go on a therapy like doing exercise on weekends to be able to sustain my healthy condition, drink milk and water to sustain the thyroid hormone replacement medicine that I'm intake on time. Oh! I forgot to watch Eat Bulaga because David Cook is one of their guests. Well it's okay because I'm gonna watch here on youtube on my available time. I am blessed to my closest and trusted friends and colleagues pray and support me before and after the operation held in UST. There a lot of opportunities open for the local employment as a programmer at present but for now at least I have two websites to finished aside for looking for a job in a stable organization. At least for now that I am productive despite that my parents are continuing arguing some non-sense issue at home.

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