Sunday, July 19, 2009

When was the last time you've experience pressured?

The last time I had a pressured since when I had a bigger website project here in India. I think the timelines issued by the client itself within a couple of days. Why I am consider this? During that time I had also a project with one of my clients here in the Philippines. There times I usually stressed out with the attitude of my brother and mother, they usually raised a nonsense issue that may disturbed my rest after a long day project based work as an IT Consultant. Individuals knows how to balance their life at the office and home, because they simply want a convenient life that they wanted but they don't implement what they are saying on how to move on? but they are simply not moving on. The other side of this story, I see some individuals they don't really understand e.g your health condition that you are not required to exert more effort, but the doctor's advise that I have measured my moves inside and outside the office because I don't have the thyroid that produces hormones on my body on due the total thyroidectomy, On the lighter side. I have regain my usual activities one at time and the things that I haven't done yet before so that I don't encounter any pressured when it comes to finish a project whether it is a program testing or system development.

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