Wednesday, August 5, 2009

People's Farewell to President Cory

As the whole nation says farewell and thank you for bringing back the democracy in our country to the an icon, a mother to his beloved five children and to his husband to Ninoy, a former president of our country Corazon C. Aquino as of this day laid her rest along side with his husband who was assassinated last August 21, 1983, Former Senator Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Jr. A solemn mass was held at the Manila Cathedral Church. An emotional Kris Aquino Yap speak up on behalf of the bereaved family Aquino. The bereaved family Aquino was relieved from grief as the people sympathize as we laid her rest at the Manila Memorial Park. A full military rites honored on the funeral rites as the Armed Forces of the Philippines paid their respect to the Former Commander in Chief. Life is priceless over money and power to a government as long as the family that stays and live together as one, that's why Corazon C. Aquino empahsizes of unity, peace and love to each other. A respect and sincerity to his/her beloved country is a major that makes her an icon of democracy. Corazon C. Aquino a grandmother to her wonderful and intelligent grandchildren and as a painter, her masterpieces expresses her feelings about going to a holy land and reunited to her beloved ninoy aquino. The feeling of letting go of someone suffering in pain is hardest thing to do. Ballsy,Pinky,Noynoy,Viel and Kris exprience that during their last days of their mom at the makati medical center. A painful for them seeing their mother suffering in pain but they do accept of letting go and the lord will accept her to his holyland.

Prayer for a Happy Death
Father, You made us in Your own image and Your Son accepted death for our salvation. Help us to keep watch in prayer at all times. May we be free from sin when we leave this world and rejoice in peace with You for ever. Amen.

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