Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Not feeling well as always inside the office"

As my one month stint to the office, I feel that I've loosen my energy to the task at the office, scanning documents, doing excel reports all the time. I know it takes time to regain yourself as yourself all the time. I know this is not as difficult to loose an opportunity after the US Recession and the calamity, i won't let it happened. I know that my family would not understand the career that I'll pursuing in, all the time I think this the best year to get myself back in action as always. After the my hours at the office. I do on check my facebook. The status of my former consultants said that  No one ever won a chess match by making forward moves only .. just like in life, sometimes you have to move backward to take a better step forward ..  For me, I don't think that this saying will help to pursue your career. This saying will put yourself as a looser. Anyway,back to my days at the office. Usual reports as requested to furnish and validate all the data are correct before submitting to the accounting staff and sales staff. I need to exert more effort in the next two months before I'll be regularized, knowing that you cannot pleased anyone, I know but if the opportunity has come the right for you as an IT Professional in an Information Technology industry, I'll be take this seriously. I'm having hard time to get along with my office mates but trying my best that I can to get along with them, having similar Jurrassic attitude ever. sounds weird! Anyway! to my former teammates and officemates, "Thank you!" we've missed our chances to work longer, I think give me at least a year to recover and to get back in shape, knowing that this is not a typical working experience that ever encounter, still continue your support as always, we've missed our chances to work longer with you guys. I know that there are someone want shattered this opportunity away from me. please do pray for them. I will also pray for them. Still continue and pray for me as always for my recovery and immediate regularization.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Another day at the office"

Another day at the office. The usual task that I'm currently using doing right now. I know that temper of the is pumping up because of my former consultants are still connected with my previous deployment. I hoping not to see them again if there is an attempt to destroy my work they have to watch out. Hahaha!!!! Be careful with these people. Well, back to my usual office days. We've encounter technical on email so my new team is resurgence to the email so that our boss will not pumped up his temper on our department(Hope it will work!) that's nice! I attend also ash Wednesday mass so that I keen my problems to our Lord almighty. Yah! I know at the start of the Year of the Tiger needed as always but I do believe on prayers and strong faith and helped with a support with my former teammates as always. An opportunity for me to join the blogging competition as always. I keen on my problems thou prayers on do the obligations to the church. Learning from the past as a Freelancer is much a an advantage to reach my goals in life as long as the office work is concern, I'll keep my prayers and faith that everything will be okay I don't have to worry

Saturday, February 13, 2010

"On my next cut-off, I need to budget myself to my new shoes!!! ha!"

On this coming cutoff, I need to my new shoes, right now, I'm currently using my shoes that was already devastated ever, Because I haven't my Christmas Shopping due that my long-hour doing functional testing on my last deployment. So right now, I have my savings wider, because I need to buy my new stuff and shoes to be use in the office. hehehe!!! I need to manage my work right now,Knowing that this enough to give a financial support to my needs. Ah! that's weird, Although my shoes are devastated. I still manage to use them on my current work. Some of my officemates on the new office notice but we don't consider this an office on my appearance at the office hehehehe!!! that's really funny.

"My first few days at my new office was Jurassic!"

A terrible Jurassic experience on my first 15 days at the office, Knowing that my new office mates was a Jurassic people that I ever met. Yeah! right. Despite the slow restoration of my internet connection at home well I had ever updated my blog post right now. I was thinking on how to manage my work at present? I had discover that many resigned to the company that I'm working right now, it seems that the system was not perfect for the business so there are a lot of memo coming from the executive committee is a big pressure for newly hire employees like me to know the system and the nature of the business just like 1-2-3. Hahaha! that's sounds funny, I know that the regular employees taking advantage. Pretty weird! By the way, I had fun with my first formfunction class held at the GVC Tech bar. I meet a lot of new friends on the seminar that time it sounds nice because I've learned a lot about web designing that's awesome.