Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"A Better Day for me this time, Hope that I can resume my duty as a Programmer really soon"

After that I have diagnose to the Hyperthyroidism it turns out that it was benign in nature, We'll I have lived the normal things that I usually do on before the operation occurs. One of my objectives is to accomplished my pending websites to be publish on my client here in the Philippines. I am lucky that I friends and my former colleagues where there to keep praying for me for surpassing my on-going thyroid hormone replacement therapy. I was disappointed on my family who where acting as pathetic individuals when it comes for their responsibilities here in our house. I don't mind on those things it might keeps me stressed again if I think those irritated problems again instead a just stay focus on my freelance web development projects (See the updates on http://eweblissa.livejournal.com/ I usually post on my latest progress on my projects here on this URL http://eweblissa.livejournal.com/)and looking for a stable work also so that I can push my upcoming out of town vacation on December 2009 if our High School reunion will push thou on the same month and year. There are progress on job application at present hoping to work on my duties and responsibilities as a programmer really soon so that my plans on my out-of-town vacation will push thou even with/without a company well depends on my decision as long as I have good rest coming from an irritated family of mine.

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