Thursday, December 31, 2009

"Happy 2010 !"

I have spent most of my time to rest from big major project on my recent deployment. I'm saving for my plans in the near future. In the past year, I haven't enough to spend my vacation due to my confinement last April 15, 2009 at the UST Hospital. Expect a lot from travel this coming year. More website development projects to go. I have spend most of my New Year's Eve with my family, We'll most of us were sick but my younger brother had a chance to do some fireworks although it's dangerous but they already know the usual safety measures that the advocacy of the government has. I eat a lot but not too much for my appetite, I had a chance to get more sleep a lot though I need to help with my household chores. I wasn't able to get a chance to attend the New Year's and Christmas Eve Mass but I had a text or message from the friends saying "thank you " for being part of 2009. 
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!              


Kelvin 'finalkt3' Tan said...

Happy New Year. May you have good health and prosperity always. :)

meily said...

Thanks! Happy New Year to you