Monday, January 26, 2009

Why do some trying to rude my Information Technology career?

Well there are some individuals are trying to rude my IT career as of now why? Because they've been questioning my programming skills ever. It happen when I have my end-of-contract with my last project site under an IT consulting firm. Now that I am freelancer can enhance my skills further on programming.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A goal to fulfill this 2009

I have many things to catch up. Well this 2009 will be a fresh start for me. Knowing the struggles that I've encountered during the past year. The plans that I have mention is one of my priorities but I have still to earn more money because I was the doing the finance during the holiday season. Of course, I have to finish all the projects that is pending because of my in-house projects with two of the IT-Consulting firms that they've handling my profile, I'm grateful that they still consider me as an IT Consultant for their clients.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A 2008 Year-ender

Past Year was different for me. Though I have already finish two of my project sites under in an IT consulting firm here in Makati City, after one of the two project sites here in Makati City. I thought that it was an end for me and I would not able to have my third project site that could possibly my absorption for me but still I don't lost hope yet. I usually browse on a freelancer sites that I could possibly open a project for me and still I have to maintain a wordpress website that I have just up just last October of 2008. Many things happen that I've encountered stress, but I overcome with those to the newly found friends I have just recently in a new organization. but still I have to think again if they could possibly have chances to stable as a programmer in this organization or I have to look for a work whatever happens still I have a fall back ever.

Project achievements:

  • VBA/Excel Macro plus SAP and SAP Webflow Administration in an IT consulting firm for One year(a possible third project site that could be my absorption).