Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"An advantage to watch a movie or television online"

Hmmm! very nice! hehehe! I can watch now a movie without any commerical on my personal computer. How nice was that with PLDT Watchpad. I can watch my favorite show or movie online. This is cool for me though I am still connected with another telco company at present. PLDT Watchpad bring better broadband connection to your homes watching your movies on your DSL internet connection. This is great, plus an opportunity to see the award movies by Director Brillante Mendoza award indie-film "KINATAY" plus the much awaited fight between the much-awaited battle of Pacquiao vs Cottos here  in PLDT  Watchpad without commercial break. PLDT Watchpad connection are become wider and faster enough to see your favorite shows online compare to the other broadband internet connection so people should realize when we choose a broadband internet connection, you have to see that the connection is very fast and consistent to surf on the internet, download mp3 music or even watch a movie or your favorite TV shows online. An opportunity for us bloggers like to me to share my ideas and chat with some of my friends or collegues throu my PLDT Watchpad.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

"Another Bag for me again"

Off to my duty of the office, As usual no activity for these moment Well I'm just enjoying playing music with my MP3 Player that's nice. Well! they want something new things that I'm using at present going on malls or in an office of work as usual. Hmmm! My mother always thinks that I usually use my old stuff but I do see that they can be usable for now. Well it depends that I do have my salary saved til December. Hehehehe!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

"I should take any activities to get more friends"

I'm having great time off for my work going some places where I've been through before. I have enjoyed a lot in meeting new teammates or reuniting with my former officemates or schoolmates inside the office. A whole week of relaxation and having my music on my MP3 Player in which I bought it to Trinoma Malls here in North Avenue Quezon City, when I get off to the MRT Station at the North Avenue Station. I had great time going to Trinoma and had canvass a new MP3 player there at the Trinoma but before Trinoma, Before Trinoma, I had a chance to check my monthly contributions on Philhealth and pay the other quarterly contribution in the Philhealth Main Office. Well that is one of the mandatory requirements either! hehehehe!!!! Well off enjoying my weekend either, I just spend my time doing much productive and continuing my usual activities on our personal computer. Watching my favorite show either "Who wants to Millionaire" (that's saturday), Hmmm! at the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards, an experience for me being part of these blogging nation at least now I have chance to meet all the bloggers from Luzon. Wow! Blogging can reach lives or inspire other people.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Effects of the Global Warming and Climate Change

Last Saturday, Typhoon "Ondoy" entered to the Philippine responsiblity. A terrible experience for the Filipinos on the flash floods surrounded all over the Metro Manila though there were some Filipinos were safe during saturday terrible typhoon "Ondoy". We've never expect this thing to happen in our lives. For us, we should give ourselves time to do something in saving the environment. Why we experience these flash floods and thunder storms is because we have destroyed or abused the environment that god given to us at present? A quote from said:

 " All who call on God in true faith, earnestly from the heart, will certainly be heard, and will receive what they have asked and desired, although not in the hour or in the measure, or the very thing they ask. Yet they will obtain something greater and more glorious than they had dared to ask."

                                              By: Martin Luther

An experience for us that we should know how to take care our environment. An advocacy against cutting trees over the forest, building a factory beside the  LAMESA damn, air pollution and etc... WWF Philippines and Green Peace is one of the advocate of promoting clean and green environment. People should realize that God is reminding us that we should still take good care of his creation which he created.