Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Blast of 2011 and Hello 2012

I had a promise to have a regular work where I continue the usual things that I have never did during my Information Technology Consultant Days and yet January 2011, I have started with Alta Resources Philippines here in Wnysum Ortigas Pasig City. Yeah! My brother is also working here. At first, I have appreciated the activities we had inside the office, but an unexpected resignation from the leaders from Neenah Wiscon is very awful for us especially here in Asia for the stability of Alta Resources, especially with the CEO resignation. A demoralizing on my end when the leaders decided to end my hope for a regularization there due to an issue that I haven't commit at that time and another thing is more my credibility as an Application Developer. Well a former teammate back from Globe Telecom, now working here in an Insurance Company working here as a Software Engineer also as an IT Consultant also is expected to deliver and launch the project by July 2011. Unfortunately it wasn't deliver due to the three primary developers from the another provider(which I also serve also with them back in 2007, Software Laboratories Inc.) seems that they deliver unlikely in terms they haven't take it seriously. How I wish that she should listen the real project status that I have reported? We'll synchronization, He knows but it wasn't expected as a requirement, that primary developer should act seriously in terms of accomplishing the project(web service). Now, my another teammate from the same provider"(EGG) suffers more. But I am happy for her that Singapore comes to have an extensive working experience more. I'm hoping here in BDO that I'll be having an extensive experience more though I'll keep on nervous on my first month but December 2011, I'll have inching my way to deliver perfectly more there are times that my boss and the company is expecting (I have pending to do that task on a stored procedure that need to finish Monday on 2012). An achievement for me that this blog was also the finalist on the 12th Philippine Web Awards and these 2012 looking to be part as finalist and win the 13th Philippine Web Awards also the blog category as one of my tech blog Philippine IT Explorasyon. I have seen that working in different industry that will credit more on the contribution on a project then the attendance will it take a second priority. 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

35th Milo National Marathon

Our first Milo Marathon with my younger brother at the SM Mall of Asia tomorrow hoping that it will not rain very harder so that we can go with the race as easily as expected. This will be an experience with younger brother to join this national marathon. A great experience that I just started running this 2011 at GOOD Run and end with 2011 with Milo. A successful run in Unilab Active Health  in the 2nd Leg for 10k struggling for 21K but an experience will keep myself not as a blogger or an Information Technology Consultant it doesn't matter as long you've enjoyed the race, meeting new friends that you will share your ideas also in Health and Lifestyle. Running or Jogging as a daily routine exercise that make you feel stronger and relief more stress that you've been burn out on a working days in a week by keeping yourself on top of the game. Is a sport and remembered by most of the Filipino running enthusiast to be more focus on your doing at present, Surpassing your problems encountered on your family, money or work.  This is 35th National Milo Marathon, Adidas KOTR is my first run so memorable, although injured and confusing because they are a lot thousands runners join in this 35th National Marathon but me and my brother where having fun.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Had a Merry Christmas to all!

" I don't want to happen again!" Yeah! it's natural but she knows that I'm deserving to work longer to my present office. Now! my motivational works gives me the results that I want. Just to give a honest that I haven't seen to Alta Resources Philippines for being bias to the developers on their performances  and having a foul play on using the facebook for posting an offensive to the once connected to you on my second, it keeps me bothering so I delete my second account just to keep my personal account to one's connected to you. Prayers helped me a lot but I also need to exert more effort to go further. Yeah! I know but when I asked most of the Consultants how to survive the first three months on the client side during our Xmas Party that I should approach my supervisor  further so that I will understand the task given to me. After the Non-Working Holiday, I feel that my loosing my strength. So I decided to have a whole day rest. Going to the Medical City seeking for an appointment on my primary hypothyroidism and also the result at the Manila East Center so that it won't be hassle to go on a follow-up check-up. Keeps me on the go.

See how e enjoy the Christmas Party and the prices waiting for the IT Consultants to win.