Sunday, August 11, 2013

Team Pilipinas for the ChampionShip

On before the 31st Birthday that Team Gilas Pilipinas will go to Spain for the FIBA-World Championship for next year as biggest achievement  today against Iran today will have the assurance to be on the top 3.  After the 2007 trauma they had on the FIBA-ASIA. Now we have already an edge to be on the basketball seen worldwide. Despite the schedule I had for the practice this coming the my first 50km Tagaytay to Kawit Ultramarathon race, these will be the greatest gift ever on the seven years and still counting on to continue more projects to fulfill. Looking forward on my MCP on the 21st of August, hmm! need to verify if August 21 is a holiday tomorrow. As a silver medalist is a bigger honor and gift also on the 31st birthday and for the country to qualify on the FIBA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2014. An overwhelming greetings on my Facebook account wishing a good and peaceful birthday with no stress at all. Watching also THE VOICE OF THE PHILIPPINES, THE BATTLES that I have spend with my family. Finally, The Philippines made up on the 11th Ranking in the FIBA-World. Tremendous effort as one of the top 3 in the FIBA-Asia.