Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's good to be back

It helped a lot during my rest by watching "Yaya and Angelina" to their new game show "Hole in the whole" and Eat Bulaga on Channel 7. Now that I've realized that laughter is the best medicine ever. It's keep me entertaining to me and feels so good to recover after the total thyroidectomy operation held in UST Hospital last few weeks ago. Now, I can travel myself alone without a company thou I have problems with my apetite becuase on the dishes is the crab which it is not suited on my daily apetite. So I have to eat vegetables and more fruits will be helpful for my recovery. I am on the stage to bring back my programming development skills. I've checked to my and it seems that a sign for an open opportunity ever to my entire life as a programmer but I need to do health maintenance for a full recovery. The GMA-Shows keeps me entertaining especially on the variety,reality and comedy shows ever. I believe that miracles will occur just to keep myself moving.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A week of therapy after the operation

Of course, I have to take a thyroid hormone medicine for the thyroid replacement for life. But I do believe miracles occurred during my deepest darkest hour in my whole entire life. By Wednesday, I'll be having my TSH,FT4 and Calcium at the Medical City for an evaluation to see if I'll be undergoing a thyroid hormone medication for life. Miracles will occur thou your continuously support and prayers that God is within me. I know that, Because I've trusted him so much. I believe that he saved my life, he answer my prayers. Now I can go to the church alone. Tomorrow, I'll be trying to walk from my place to Manila East here in Taytay Rizal. During my childhood days upto today to travel along the places here in Philippines and abroad. I'm keep on praying that this is not the end after the operation happened at the UST. A HolyWeek break before I'll be admitting myself to the UST Hospital helped me a lot because I've been some signs that my life is on danger during my employment here in Xinapse Inc. I have falling hair when I comb my hair by myself, I can't swallow the food that I usually ate, I usually get tired and having a hard time to speak to people around me. But now, I can breathe easily, no falling hair occured when i comb my hair and etc... Well, I have a week of rest after the procedure then there is another week coming for me to bring back the usual things I do before. Right Now, I'm bringing back my web and system development skills back to normal. I try to do walking alone in the morning from my house-Manila East and having a lot of rest and sleep. I am looking forward to report on May 4, 2009 at the office to patch things one up the projects that are aligned to me. I am continously research on the medical internet about the surgical report made by the pathologist and my general surgeon at the UST. I am also looking forward to reunite to my peers and collegues before just to celebrate that I have finally survived. More Projects to come....

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An update on last operation held in UST

If you researched the disease of Papillary Carcinoma and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis all over the internet. The total thyroidectomy procedure is the best solution to cure this disease so that they will not attack the thyroid gland. I believed the credential's of my general surgeon, hoping that the medocare will give me a endocrinologist with good credential's. My decision is risky for my part, At first I was really disappointment, when I do search this thyroid disease and the operational procedure did. I realize that I have made the right decision to undergo on surgery rather than my life is will be danger.Now I'm out of danger and I'll be having my lifetime medication for me to produce thyroid hormones and maintenance. Right Now, I am currently resting and taking medicine for the surgery and by Friday will go to the Medocare for a referral to an endocrinologist.

By the way, to my officemates before and at present that continuously support me whatever risk that I've been undergoing, I just want to thank you especially with my officemates and immediate superiors from EPLDT-iPLUS, BFS, P&G and Coca-Cola to whom they said that they are looking forward to reunite with them again. Thank you! Former schoolmates thank you very much! I am looking forward for our high school reunion soon. to my present boss for their understanding on my health condition.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Proven to be a survivor

In the deepest darkest hour, with the extensive support of my former officemates, immediate supervisor, friends, family and relative proves that God given me the second life to continue my duties and responsibilities as an IT Professional. A risk move on my part is dangerous because I have to spend a lot of money for the medicine and etc... At least I have survive the operation on thyroid for good. Right Now, that I'm currently resting and it's feels good that I'm back...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thyroid Operation

During the holyweek break, I feel his God's prescence and he give me the sign that I should be undergo surgery on my thyroid because this is an only way to continue to serve and my provide some IT solutions to my customers. It will be my tenth time to put myself on a surgery this time on my thyroid. I have heard prayers from the companies that I have served as Programmer/Contractor and Program Implementer. Some of my collegues said that If Xinapse would not allow my conditions to be implemented upon my health condition then it's better to have my forced resignation will occured, After my surgery and fulfill recover then that's time I can start myself as a healthy as I am if the projects is open and needed a VB/VBA Excel macro Consultant needed. From Altrion,FLI,Coca-Cola,BFS ,P&G and EPLDT-IPlus former superiors, teammates and office mates express their support and prayers for a successful operation and speedy recovery. to my former classmates and friends express their support on my operation that I should relax myself if your condition on Xinapse will not be implemented and raising unsolicited issues upon my health condition then a forced resignation will occur for me to give myself a long time rest. I believe that my previous employers will open it's doors for me a new project if possible after that I am fully recover.

Tomorrow, I'll be on my doctor for some discussion with regards on the thyroid operation then the talk to Xinapse Inc. unto to the discussion to be made regarding on my working status with them. By Tuesday, I am now at University of Santo Tomas Hospital for them to do my thyroid operation. Please pray for the successful operation and speedy recovery. These prayers will make me stronger person that I can be

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Stand up and free from sickness

After the results made on the biopsy, the doctors decided to have a surgery on my thyroid, A major risk move for me in the course of a project with my employer here in Greenhills. For me, I was depress but what' s makes good for me is I can pursue my system development if they would allow me to do this project at home. I am expected this will be happening to me because based on my research on hyperthyroidism, the surgery will be the best solution. During my younger days, I was hospitalized due to a mass on breast or even my tonsil before and now my thyroid. I was grateful enough that doing freelance work will not effect on my condition but my employment in Annapolis, Greenhills has major effect because you have to report M-F from (9am-7pm) 9 hours, I was thankful that my former colleagues before with BFS and Coca-Cola offer a support for me even my former schoolmates before a big support and my family of course.

Pray and support me for a speedy recovery for the thyroid. This will be difficult for me on my part but with the lesson that I have learn from the late master rapper that you have to stand up whatever you're condition and do what is best to be productive even when you are at home.