Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Things to be considered when a TV Show is declining or not?

How does a show gain audience share to the viewers? We'll I guess its person point of view if they do o do not like the show depends on the TV network has do many commercial advertisements has the network shown on TV, some viewers evaluate that this show is an educational to the kids some they do said in the person's point of view. I write this blog because on the views that I've read on the different journals like the kapuso network on the multiply site that the ratings of Darna is declining on primetime over channel 2's May bukas pa they've said. On TV viewers point-of-view, Channel 2 is improving at this stage over Channel 7 but the strength more on reality tv show and comedy show has the higher ratings over the other network. The competition is very tough to these networks. TV-5 is also patching up with the higher ratings on "Who wants to be Millionaire hosted by:Vic Sotto,Talentadong Pinoy hosted by: Ryan Agoncillo and etc...' This is just a reflection you don't have to comment on this because I'm also TV viewer that's it hehehe that's it

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