Thursday, July 23, 2009

Everything is New for Me

Unto to my adjustments made to my new life. Still I've experiencing weird stuff on my new organization. I know i had different feeling but it's normal if you're just a new kid on a block to this org'n. Anyway, Well I've initiated new learning about work, meeting new friends, reuniting with your former schoolmates who also working in same organization. Well it's natural for some individuals who just come back from a major surgical operation last April for us it's natural. Well I do missed my former teammates/officemates before who just expecting a bday blow-out on my birthday but it's okay. I can reach thou my blog site that I wanna say thank you! for extensive support that you've given to me since that I'm undergo a major operation. I know that you want to patch these things from the past that it wasn't resolved it. Just forget the pass, Pass is pass you don't have to re-issue it again. I personally moved on with my life right now. I don't want to prejudge other people regarding with my behavior and attitude in this office. I'll be expecting to finish my freelancing projects with the next few months and looking forward for a big project outside the Philippines soon.

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