Monday, May 21, 2012

BMEG LLAMADOS, 2012 PBA Comissioner's Cup Champs

Who we have that taught BMEG DERBY ACE LLAMADOS rages supreme once again in 2012 PBA Commissioner's Cup against the more experience Talk and Text Phone Pals. First of all, Congrats! also to Tim Cone for winning another title after his glorious days with Alaska. A successful Commissioner's Cup it was. No wonder that the BMEG DERBY ACE LLAMADOS(former Purefoods) will continue their winning streak as the PBA Governor's Cup is coming. Hmmm! Did James Yap pulled out more three point shots as he did back in 2006 that is why they've won PBA CHAMPIONSHIP under Coach Ryan Gregorio, it could be. We all know his expertise on the outside shooting that helped also for winning the championship.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

"The Avengers Movie" a blockbusters here in Manila

Now I know why some people that If watched the Avengers will have no regrets to watch just for the whole weekend. Hmmm! I have also watched last Friday after office work because it is gonna be a weekend. People appreciated more than expected as the story, cinematography and the special effects that make this movie a sure hit and that's why they've earn $103 million in just weekend. That could be amazing that those people watched that movie and appreciate on the comedy antics of IRON MAN himself(Robert Downey). Wow! This could be a certified box hit. and looking forward to have an another Avengers movie soon. I know that this movie is clicked and entertained most of their fans here in Philippines with their memorable tumbler's and t-shirts that will keep most of the fans that they've watched their movie with a shoe string budget that will suite for their entertainment lifestyle that this movie is clicked here and abroad.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Jessica Sanchez on American Idol 2012

We are keeping our fingers cross that Jessica could make this far as one of the top o four finalist in this year's American Idol. Now wonder why is the media is more concentrated on the NAIA's incident rather than our kababayan made it to the top4 here in the American Idol that more than usual as Filipino's expected to become the first Filipino American to win the American Idol. I know that American's won't happened that Jessica Sanchez is a Filipina and they wanted an American citizen to win this competition, Hmmm! Any competition that there could be possible depends on the performance of all the singers in this competition. Hmmm! How can I help her to win this competition? An extensive campaign to gain more votes more that will emerge more to be the 2012 American IDOL.  Now she is know on the top 3 as expected. The campaign all over the Facebook and other social media websites that we Filipinos can vote for her online. We check on the history , Jasmine Trias to Thia Mejia, we could even given support on them when they are competing on American Idol but now we are keep ourselves close that Jessica make it as the 2012 American Idol. Congratulation to you Jessica Sanchez, still your the American Idol for us

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Floyd MayWeather bags the WBA Super Welterweight Belt

As expected that the match between Miguel Cotto and Floyd MayWeather Jr. is more than the usual match he does when he bags the WBA Super WelterWeight ChampionShip Belt against Miguel Cotto. Hmmm! People seems the expected match that they want and also test that who is the real pound-for-pound king for this era. When will be the Pacquiao vs. MayWeather fight will push through? Some of the Pacquiao fans is expecting the usual match Pacquiao vs. Bradley for the WBO Welterweight Title that will be also at the MGM Grand Las Vegas Nevada. Most of Pacquiao's want A Pacquiao vs. MayWeather will push on before he retires in boxing and concentrate being a Bible Ambassador that will also lessen worries on his condition as a boxer that we all know that Boxing is a dangerous sport. I have watched interviews on Floyd MayWeather Jr. even in the past that he still pressumed that he is the Pound for Pound King although Rep. Manny Pacquaio proved he is the Pound for Pound King, people want to see them fight together and see who is the real Pound for Pound King. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

BMEG vs TalknText for the PBA Comissioner's Cup 2012 Title

Two of the strongest are gunning for the 2012 PBA Commissioners Cup Title know that the series is 2-2 between B-MEG Llamados vs.Talk ‘N Text Tropang Texters know the supremacy was being tested to the well known also hall of fame coaches Tim Cone and Chot Reyes. A tale of two coaches Tim Cone and Chot Reyes also part of the coaching staff at Alaska Tim during the 90's, served as an assistant coach in the year 1993. And in the 1994 he was Purefoods Tender Juicy Giants with the PBA Hall of Famers Alvin Patrimonio and Jerry Codiñera. Know that this match will be interesting as the Talk N' text is know eyeing also for the Grand-slam or will Tim Cone will make another remarkable mark or championship with another team(BMEG) after their glorious days with the Alaska.

Time Management on your part-time business from your full-time profession

For some direct-selling business that will help also for the Filipinos that they want more convenient life for their respective families that will be also support for their basic commodities(food, clothes and etc...) We know that they work on full-time that could practice that we've achieved during our college days and further. Here are some tips on how to balance yourself on your part-time business from your full-time work.

  1. Not all times, that you will really give up your social life just to focus on your direct-selling or retailing business that you have. Some direct-selling business said that you have to work it very hard just for their profession so that you can earn experience and your formal practice on your expertise example, engineering, programming and etc... Just manage your schedules for your social life, part-time business and your profession. Of Course if there are events that you're a closest friend initiated and you think that you gonna make it or not. Check your schedules first be fore you initiated your commitment.
  2. Of Course, the salaries that you will consider as your investment, that is why we have a part-time business so that one you invest will have the ROI(Return Of Investment) more than the usual salaries that you've earned from your usual on your respective companies from here and abroad.
  3.  Be an open-minded person that you have your goals and dreams for your families. Knowing that you can also be open to fulfill your financial support for your families on your future also. Some companies that would possible will give you the right salary for your convenient life.
  4. Lastly, study further your business, how explore more and marketable that will able to convince the people around you on business that you have will no regret and having convenient life.
 I know it's not normal that your earning millions from the usual salary bracket that you have from your profession e.g Senior Programmer with 4-5 years experience that you are earning from  20000-40000 from your project that you are doing from the respective solution provider that will give you a convenient life. On our present life, it's happening on my end but with the right part-time business without any pressure or stress free that you will earn more.