Sunday, June 20, 2010

L.A Lakers captures it's 16th NBA Title

After their sudden lost encounter to Boston Celtics in the 2008 NBA Finals. Finally L.A Lakers win their 16th NBA Finals after the dominance of the the first three quarters by the Boston Celtics.
A memorable career for Kobe Bryant as he capture his first Finals MVP after being part of the 16th NBA Championship Title on the Los Angeles Lakers Franchise. A first three quarter dominance of the Boston Celtics, at the start of the fourth quarter the Lakers franchise players Ron Artest and Kobe Bryant pull some trigger to go for the 16th NBA Finals Title at the end of the season. Phil Jackson is one of the greatest coach ever to win championship after having 6th NBA Titles with Chicago Bulls and now with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

Well, I had much  tougher task to do this coming weeks inside the office but I bear in my mind that I had to my best in all technical aspects. I keep myself focus on the project though I keep myself busy and also stay healthy. Whatever, that I'm having an opportunity came for me, I have to take it seriously although there are some open offers for me at present but I don't mind, just concentrate and contented to what I have. Long weekend! again having to wash my clothes tomorrow after mass so that it will be ironed this by tomorrow(hope she's coming). I have good comments coming from my officemates regarding my performance on the software enhancement. A tougher task is coming this Tuesday after the Independence Day I am taking my time tomorrow to study further.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

"A whole week of accomplishment and fulfillment"

Hmmm! I have just get luck to have new project that was open from me back in our office, well I'll be working on mobile and POS system and I was overwhelmed that warm welcome with matching a treat from our Vice-President from our company some 3 boxes of Krispy Kreme Doughnut and a whole team meeting for the future projects for the system, I was really amazed and warmed welcome of having a real teamwork inside the my new office, well I'm looking forward to redeemed my confidence well despite what happened this past couple of four months, proven that one team is proven to my new officemates so I need to exert effort in every task that they want to implement on my project. In the next week, were on the quality assurance software testing(hoping to have a lesser bug to be fix for a successful launch of this accounting software in the market. Well despite my attendance is unsatisfactory(need improvement) but have produce a satisfactory performance on the modules on the shipping and leadform modules an ecommerce website. A took off in the office to accomplish my SSS ID at the SSS-Main Office for my future transactions that I'll be rendering in. I'm working on my Fern-C business opportunity to the Filipinos, you can visit the online seller website Fern-C Business Opportunity. A business opportunity that will more convenient for the Filipinos nationwide. I'm just looking forward to surpass this one at the right time. I know this the right time for me to set-up. I have to concentrate myself here on career despite were are not in good terms with my family members.