Sunday, November 8, 2009

"I'm just doing what they want to be expected"

I'm just doing the task that they needed in a certain project. of course, where just an outsource people in for the organization well we have to meet what they want from you.  I know it's natural for some outsource people want to get absorb from the organization that you're working in. Having my own evaluation about myself, maybe I already given they wanted for their satisfaction. There are some doing a professional issue regarding a person will assigned on a project or a task because he is to technical guy or what? Weird!!! I know that feeling because I myself is also an outsource person too. But what do motivates me was my past experiences I had before. Every Professional do commit mistakes to their professional career, they do help them to do better to the chosen organization. An accomplishment is part of the professional's achievement, they do collegues make proud of the performance on the project, it's true... knowing that the project manager likes the progress of the project that you're handling, where not born to be perfect at all times, sometimes we go up, sometimes we go down, if you go down it's hard to grow yourself up. Well! it's true, I know that a person falls serves a wke-up call for him/her to do better on a project or a task that he/she handling.

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