Thursday, July 30, 2009

I am thinking ways to patch up my savings

I am having a hard time to have something in which I can patch up with my expenses before. I know it will be a double time but as long as my client is with me for the website then I have enough time to build my pending system for my further clients. Right now, I have stable job on blogging and on my project at present as an IT Consultant and presently doing two website with my client here in Philippines. It sounds hard for me, despite of my comeback from a terrible surgical operation 2 months ago plus my incoming twenty seven birthday this coming August. I don't want to ruin my month long celebration with former teammates/officemates and proj.managers to my previous deployments and Altrion Technologies Philippines. I know it takes a lot of patience and focus on my profession plus the fact that earning hundreds one at the time if possible that could helped more to my expenses in the near future. We don't know gonna happened in the near future but for me. I have to be ready..

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fighting for your Life

Fighting for your life is a serious issue for most us at present. As we can see the case of the former president Corazon Aquino health condition will I can consider these is a major issue undergoing to the Stage 4 Colon Cancer it is very difficult to surpass these ailment. Just like what happen to the late master rapper Francis Magalona who where succumb from the Blood Cancer last march 6, 2009 at the Medical City.

Just also happen to the late action star Rudy Fernandez whose his beloved wife Lorna Tolentino fights for the cancer. I've learned for the stories where inspired that I am lucky that I surpassed from a Papillary Carcinoma(thyroid cancer). During my doctor's consultation, I've realized that prayers and support from my trusted friends and former officemates where there because they know that I am honest person that I can work with. Prayers helped a lot for me to survive at present. My schoolmates expressed their extensive support ever during my confinement at the UST Hospital where I just get lucky that most of the Nurse served on my hospitalization were my former schoolmates from St. Paul Pasig and La Consolacion Pasig, luckier that I've also my highschool mates who's also a Pathologist at present.

The easiest way to survive from your illness is to keep your family,friends or colleagues to give an extensive support and having strong faith to our lord almighty. One of my doctors said to me during my doctor's consultation is if you keep your family and friends to know your status via blog or an online social networking site by giving you prayers for you to live and God will give you a good sign that you have a chances to survive, there are some individuals survived from these illness as long as you know how to take good of yourself at least you can do whatever you want to do.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Everything is New for Me

Unto to my adjustments made to my new life. Still I've experiencing weird stuff on my new organization. I know i had different feeling but it's normal if you're just a new kid on a block to this org'n. Anyway, Well I've initiated new learning about work, meeting new friends, reuniting with your former schoolmates who also working in same organization. Well it's natural for some individuals who just come back from a major surgical operation last April for us it's natural. Well I do missed my former teammates/officemates before who just expecting a bday blow-out on my birthday but it's okay. I can reach thou my blog site that I wanna say thank you! for extensive support that you've given to me since that I'm undergo a major operation. I know that you want to patch these things from the past that it wasn't resolved it. Just forget the pass, Pass is pass you don't have to re-issue it again. I personally moved on with my life right now. I don't want to prejudge other people regarding with my behavior and attitude in this office. I'll be expecting to finish my freelancing projects with the next few months and looking forward for a big project outside the Philippines soon.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

When was the last time you've experience pressured?

The last time I had a pressured since when I had a bigger website project here in India. I think the timelines issued by the client itself within a couple of days. Why I am consider this? During that time I had also a project with one of my clients here in the Philippines. There times I usually stressed out with the attitude of my brother and mother, they usually raised a nonsense issue that may disturbed my rest after a long day project based work as an IT Consultant. Individuals knows how to balance their life at the office and home, because they simply want a convenient life that they wanted but they don't implement what they are saying on how to move on? but they are simply not moving on. The other side of this story, I see some individuals they don't really understand e.g your health condition that you are not required to exert more effort, but the doctor's advise that I have measured my moves inside and outside the office because I don't have the thyroid that produces hormones on my body on due the total thyroidectomy, On the lighter side. I have regain my usual activities one at time and the things that I haven't done yet before so that I don't encounter any pressured when it comes to finish a project whether it is a program testing or system development.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

King of POP Michael Jackson

A tribute to the KING OF POP Michael Jackson all around the world after his death, From foreign to local entertainers hail to the Legendary Music icon of all time his genius and contribution to revolutionize the music industry on his era, we also consider as one of the successful artist ever with his record breaking albums off all time . We are also sad with the news came to him. As expected most of his fans came to the memorial at the Los Angeles Staple Center give their respect to the legendary music icon ever of all time.

His music sends his people's lives especially with it comes to the politics and love to your partner or family. He revolutionize the world of music with his move on the dance floor where most of our local entertainers as a music icon. Fans mourn on his death, some do pay tribute to the KING of POP as respect to his contribution to the music industry. I remember in 1996 where Michael Jackson came here in the Philippines to have a big concert to all Filipino Fans even the reporters from GMA-7 when they saw Michael Jackson from the airport.