Friday, February 27, 2009

A deep struggle that I've encountered

During the midst of my on-going projects as a Freelance Web Developer and a Programmer in one of the software firms owned by the proud alumnus of UP Diliman. I'm suffering a thyroid fever/ Hyperthyroidism. The stress and problems that I've encountered is after my last deployment under Information Professional Inc. and my deployment under the subsidiary of PLDT. I know is a deep challenge for me to fight this sickness. But my strength is within my friends and my former colleagues to support me whenever that I'm going thou. My former boss is here to support all the way thou my recovery. An extended support to my full recovery which much better to fulfill my dreams in which I planned during my younger years. I don't expect any support for my family members because I don't see the sincerity on my health and career condition in which that I'm going thou.

To my friends and former colleagues that I worked before, I am not begging for the money for the expenses to my health condition but a prayers will help me to strive better in a healthier way in which I can fulfill my dreams more to the future IT professionals. A prayer will give me a full recovery and helping you to fulfill your needs for your organization. I have many grievances during my younger years with my present family. I don't want this to experience with my future family.