Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"On-going interview process, hoping that my interview will hire me asap"

I had my appointment at the Telecommunication Company under a Primeover Consultancy. We'll the interview was okay in fact he asked my question regarding my past working experience. Aside from Globe Telecom, I am also looking forward at the one of finest department stores here in the Philippines owned by a well known Filipino-Chinese business tycoon, When I had the interview with the Recruiting Staff, I've seen the stable benefits as I expected for my future. I think and wishing that my plans will finally push, and expecting something better for my own good. I am also praying that I'll be soon be paid for the web design at least that I am expecting and that I am consider the one of my achievements as a freelancer. I know that God knows the whole truth about my life. Being programmer is one of the greatest treasure that no one will vanished from me as a person. God knows that I have no successful childhood days that I'm not looking back anymore. I want to prove themselves that I can handle myself without their help and support. My former colleagues understand my stand because I opened up to them to the way I stand at present.

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