Monday, December 30, 2013

Pacquiao Combeback

Despite the struggle 2012 match that Manny Pacquiao with Juan Manuel Marquez and Timothy Bradley, This year, he concentrate more on the training for a fight against Brandon Rios with a victory on WBO International Welterweight Championship Title that he will be a meaning for the Typhoon Yolanda Survivors teaching how to recover after the disaster. Hmmm! he may inspire the Filipinos to step up after the tragedy, Still he is the only Pound-for-Pound King that he can go back....

Congrats! Rep. Manny Pacquiao

Merry Christmas 2013

A Christmas day this year was quite enjoying but sadness was there upon the lost of an office-mates just last April of this year, two of our members of my family and my father died last September that hmmm! I should give more time to improve myself just past few months that I wasn't able to finish a 50 or more km races, just after the shift doing and catching -up lsd and mileage run missed with my running team on my new running adidas running shoes (hmmm! hoping to have bigger size for ladies hehehehe!!!!). Attending the office Christmas Party held in Taguig, enjoyed a lot and having a reunited with former classmate or officemate before that they know regular employees. An eve of Christmas that most of us where tired, decide to spent more time watching an NBA game on our TV and the premiere of all the entries at 39th Metro Manila Filmfest that we consider an entry with Ryzza Mae and Bossing Vic. 

On all the cinema's was jump-packed with premiere of all the entries, My Little Bossing was more enjoy and happiest movie that relief stress that some experience in the past few months even our younger brother enjoy the Christmas eve watching this film also having a new adidas basketball shoes that he wanted even before(hmmm! he was the one ask ths for me....) A glimpse of the Christmas Lights Show was biggest attraction that you really spend more time just Make it Happen, Make It here in Makati.


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Victory Motorcade for the Miss World 2013 Maegan Young

Another thing, why I had difficulty in having a public transportation and having a heavy traffic on my way to my office is this Victory Motorcade for Miss World 2013 Maegan Young along Makati Ave cor. Ayala Avenue Makati bound to Mall of Asia. Once again that the Philippines is on the map of the greatest beauty queen of all time. Being a starstruck avenger before in the reality search express their support for her in bringing The Philippines on the Map in the recent Miss World. An achievement also for the Philippines after the SMART Gilas Pilipinas made as top 3 also in the recent FIBA-Asia in sports.

DLSU is on top at the 76th Season of UAAP

I have still manage to watch the UAAP 76th Season after the shift on my office. Hmmm! over the Facebook on #AnimoLaSalle or #GoUSTE who gonna win the #UAAP76FINALS crown. Despite the typhoon Santi came to Metro Manila yesterday and hoping to have a good weather. Still the Game 3 of the DLSU vs. UST Championship resume over the Mall of Asia Arena. Most of the DLSU or UST friends watch and give support at the Mall of Arena and some watch the game. Hmmm! first encounter was back in UAAP 95, where Aric Del Rosario in 1992-1993 and during that time Ernesto Ballesteros was one of his players during his time and now the assistant coaches on the current UST team. On the De La Salle side Juno Sauler was an archer during the 1992-1993 and know the rookie champion coach of the current DLSU Team. Congrats to my former DLSU officemates /friends and also to UST former officemates/friends for making on the top 3 this year UAAP although I've missed the first two games to watch due to the on-duty but I've seen the updates on my FB account. This two teams  have a good fight even.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

My dad wants to have a quiet life......

Tuesday morning when my dad decided to left us. Knowing that the two year sufferings cause of severe brain damage due encountered stress within the family that most of the common individual experience, so do I. Oh! my god! for me after the death of my friend on the road and another died again and cousin's wife died and my cousin and my father decided to surrender himself with the Lord realizing members sufferings to survive him. The efforts of my mother and our youngest brother to take good care him. Panic was there! stress also... A blessed from new colleague understand my situation at present. My auntie and cousin on both parties visited on the father's burial. My Running Team and former officemates, friends and classmates that they express there support that Be Strong! thank you! My cousins express there condolences on my and brother Facebook account. The Meralco All-Male Choir that he is one of the members where here until the funeral last Friday express their support to their soloist. Congregation of Sisters in St. Paul at present and offer prayers to him. Looking forward to have colleague from the Meralco General Accounting hoping to be present on his last day here in this earth. Paving also respect as their Accounting Supervisor on his 30 year dedicated services at Meralco which that our family is expected to have a reunion with their supervisor. Moving forward, that all of us helping out for fixing everything that our father left to us, although that our youngest is hard to teach him how to be strong but we keep our patience longer to understand.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Team Pilipinas for the ChampionShip

On before the 31st Birthday that Team Gilas Pilipinas will go to Spain for the FIBA-World Championship for next year as biggest achievement  today against Iran today will have the assurance to be on the top 3.  After the 2007 trauma they had on the FIBA-ASIA. Now we have already an edge to be on the basketball seen worldwide. Despite the schedule I had for the practice this coming the my first 50km Tagaytay to Kawit Ultramarathon race, these will be the greatest gift ever on the seven years and still counting on to continue more projects to fulfill. Looking forward on my MCP on the 21st of August, hmm! need to verify if August 21 is a holiday tomorrow. As a silver medalist is a bigger honor and gift also on the 31st birthday and for the country to qualify on the FIBA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2014. An overwhelming greetings on my Facebook account wishing a good and peaceful birthday with no stress at all. Watching also THE VOICE OF THE PHILIPPINES, THE BATTLES that I have spend with my family. Finally, The Philippines made up on the 11th Ranking in the FIBA-World. Tremendous effort as one of the top 3 in the FIBA-Asia.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Laban Pilipinas! HomeCourt natin ito!

It's been a while since our Philippine Basketball Team to represent the Asia in the FIBA-World Championship and it is our opportunity that in our home-court advantage that we give our support to TEAM Gilas Pilipinas giving a 100 and more percent to represent the country in this year's FIBA Asia that will be August 1-11 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena, hmmm! an eve of my 31st Birthday that could be more birthday gift not just for me but to play best for the Philippines.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Enjoying watching The Ryzza Mae Show

Hmmm! Stress on the daily and personal activities that decided to watch a TV Show that will keep them laugh, just a release stress. I should say that Ryzza Mae Dizon is the newest child superstars that has a humor in which all her audience enjoyed a lot especially to her newest show. A review on this show proof us that she different pass child superstars, She has the good numbers of the people making them happy despite on the personal struggle in life.On my experience when I open my TV at around 11:30AM when Ryzza Mae makes her audience happy as they could be. Good audience shows that she is not just a more than a child sensation superstar on her generation but proven as an artist on her own way after she was crown Little Miss Philippines 2012.  A child sensation with an exceptional talent to make people happy on her show that will give satisfactory TV Audience Share in Mega Manila. After an episode pilot on the 11:30am, Ryzza is just a kid that can be facing the camera acting as an ordinary people despite the daily activities which most of us where stress, needed someone give us happiness that could be more appreciated, that she even won the recent Yahoo OMG Awards as the best child performer. Even in the Yahoo OMG Awards had a numerous votes from the audience that she is the best child superstar of these generation.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Who gonna enter the NBA Finals?

From the post between the Miami vs. Pacer, the right opponent to face the San Antonio Spurs for the NBA Title hmmm! that is more exciting as expected if the Pacers win the Eastern Conference Finals hmmm! in the history of NBA that will be the first to enter the finals, I'm hoping that Reggie Miller will be more vindicated here, although that he is now the Basketball Hall of Fame on before his retirement without any NBA Title won on his credentials, but never underestimate the Miami Heat that can possible enter again to the NBA Finals. I don't see any clear picture the team to face the San Antonio Spurs who just won 4-0 against the Memphis Grizzlies for the Western Conference Finals, they are both title contenders for the NBA Crown this season. Watch the Eastern Conference for the Miami Heat vs. Pacers (3-2) on Indianapolis arena, telecast on Basketball TV and ABS-CBN Sports.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Positive thoughts of the MLM Companies

If you're a recent college graduate or unemployed professional looking for a career change in life? Think again and again. There are not all Entrepreneurs are full-time, some they've consider as their part-time because of their active profession that they've taking good care. People here wanted to have the financial freedom that they wanted as expected. Helping the others is not an easy task to work-o, it will take hours of further research, train on the business plan of the product that you've wanted to market to the people that ensure their productivity and meeting the expectations on dreaming the financial freedom. Hope you can visit the Start your VMobile Business,
How these millionaires learn, worked and meet the financial freedom that they've wanted. Looking forward on all the Filipinos are open-minded, business oriented and ready to face a challenge that soon become a good model to his/her fellow entrepreneurs.

  1. Positive thinking equals growth
  2.  Qualities that ensure success
  3. Being Fair to all
  4. Consistency in Everything
  5. Managerial Style
  6. Success Philiosophy: The Golden Rule "Do unto others what you want others to do unto to you"

 "A good objective of leadership is to help those who are doing poorly to do well and to help those who to do well and to help those who are doing well to do even better."
   -Jim Rohn

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

MayWeather vs. Guerro

Last May 5, 2013, Once again "The Money" Floyd MayWeather Jr. prove his worth as he retains his world welter weight belt over Robert "The Coach" Guerrero, on before the start on the main event. An Intense Robert "The Coach" Guerrero  where seen and wants to win the title over Floyd MayWeather Jr. though on his  trash talking on the pre-fight events. No Wonder, that he regret his possible and expected match with Rep. Manny Pacquiao seems to regain his boxing supremacy on the 24th of November against Brandon Rios.  Proven the he is "The Pound-for-Pound Fighter"  on  his record breaking wins in the boxing history despite as a trash-talker with his opponent. Most of the Filipino Fans want the Pacquiao vs. MayWeather but the two consecutive loses with Bradley and Marquez.  He will take his time to regain himself as a boxer, if he wins another match against Brandon Rios then we will wait but a possible fight that will put MayWeather down as "The Pound-for-Pound Fighter" .

Saturday, April 20, 2013

NBA Playoffs

Hmmm! Since Lebron James performance is good during the regular season, Some said that Miami Heat but the other teams from the Western teams especially Oklahoma Thunder led by: Kevin Durant whose know number one seed in the Western Conference in this year NBA 2012-2013. Know how about the LA Lakers? Although they where on the number seven seed in the Western Conference with Kobe Bryant's injury that might not able to comeback. Will Dwight Howard, Steve Blake and Steve Nash can manage and bring back the NBA 2012-2013 Title even without Kobe Bryant? See the NBA updates and story on Basketball TV, ESPN, SOLAR Sports and Balls. On the updates in the NBA Playoffs starts. The Oklahoma Thunder had a 1-0 lead over the Memphis Grizzlies and San Antonio Spurs also a 1-0 lead over the Golden State Warriors for the Western Conference.What happen to Los Angeles Lakers? We all know that there sole-leader of the LA Lakers Kobe Bryant where injured, the scoring machine is insufficient to bring back glory days of bringing the numerous titles. For the Eastern Conference, Ah! The Defending Champion Miami Heat lose to the 6th Time NBA Champion Chicago Bulls 0-1 lead as expected, is this their time to regain an another Michael Jordan Era? sound's interesting as Joakim Noah and  Marco Belinelli take over the game 1 against Lebron James. New Yourk Knicks also take 1-0 lead also to Indiana Pacers.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Non-Working Holiday Weekend

Damn Work!!!! makes and ruin around my health maintenance that may cause to have stroke during working hours. Oh! my God, that could be crucial for me but I don't exert more effort on a work though that I have a relative is also connected there, on my goal just to finish a project with no any issues or questions to be raised that I do documented all the tasks for every project that i have handled. I'm sad that one classmate on my Alma mater that he passed due to heat stroke on the Facebook page, that's why my upcoming anniversary run this April but I want also to dedicate this not just to my dad but also to my one of my schoolmate also died on a heat stroke. Check out the details on Striker on The Run. As my new running blog site that will view my preparation and any healthy tips to sustain myself as young and stress free person. hmmm! I'm just had preparation on before the leg 3 of Rip the Road this 14th of April 2013, running with my running team as part of maintenance for the up and coming races hoping that my doctor will allow me with safety precautions needed.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Finally FIBA 2013 is here in the Philippines

The stage is for the Team Pilipinas as the Philippines will host for the FIBA-Asia Basketball 2013, sounds exciting! after the speculation of the debates on who's gonna host the next year's FIBA-Asia Basketball Tournament. After the two-consecutive year fourth place finish in the recent FIBA Asian Basketball Championship. An opportunity for the Filipinos to take a revenge and seeing an Olympic qualifier or compete with the best at the FIBA World Basketaball. For the 27th FIBA-Asia Basketball Championship here in the Manila. The Samahang Basketball Pilipinas led by Manny V. Pangilinan, had tremendous support on sports and athletes together with the Team Pilipinas coach Chot Reyes are now doing practices and training for these event that will start on 1st of Augst until the 11th of August. See the details here on these website: click here
Support the Team Pilipinas for their quest on relieving the glory days of the Philippine Basketball here on our territory here in the Philippines. Laban Pilipinas!