Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Always stay focus!

Oh! I remember my former teammates and my former project manager that "You can do it" Oh! I was able to have "a good clean job" for the project and I was just get lucky that my former boss said that to me during my last deployment just as last year with that experiences on my deployment. I always keep my good performance on a project based to my present work right now well, I know that doing the right thing all over the weekend thou tomorrow will be the burial of our Former President Corazon C. Aquino. I guess I had to keep myself a good nice sleep all over that day. I know most of us had a difficulty to be focused on what are you doing but with right attitude in dealing with other people is important because this is one of the lesson I have learned from my bad experiences i had before. I have encountered a lot of pressure before because of the officemates that I am with in but the important thing is for me to have an adjustment with the new system and people of the organization. I know it's difficult to do this but as long as the people around you believes your credentials were enough to do the project successfully as your project manager expects

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