Sunday, December 20, 2009

"Having missed Xmas Party!"

With invented stories made by the other contractor of different IT Consulting firm that I'm being stressed off during the past few days. I have already encountered those kind of contractor but now I have already learned my lesson with kind of act that they want to loose my job again despite of my disability, So I decided to coordinate with my closest friends /authorized people from the office to help me out to resolve this include we've coordinate and found it is a backstabbing issue again, they've already cleaned my name so the other contractors(most who just hired last June 1 were on danger) due to a backstabbing again so the authorities are the one's in-charge for the legal action for those people involve and as long my name is cleared, I'm praying that I'll be seeking an extension until next year hoping to finish all the projects on time(Hope it will work!). I'll be thanking my schoolmate for helping me out in the office and she also celebrated her birthday. Thanks!!!! Although that I am still continuing doing Web Designing and Development as a freelancer as part of my business also at least I have my business contact to whom they believe my credentials to do web designing, seeking an extension on my present deployment at least for one year that it will be better as long as my name is cleared it is a better Christmas for me.

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