Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy 29th Birthday

Despite what happen in the past five months but I still to manage myself to keep myself moving forward. We'll I extended my "THANK YOU" to the people who posted their greetings on my facebook account wall, I really appreciated very much despite of busy schedules in the office. My officemates here in Makati express their greetings despite that we have tasks to do and needed to finished. Expectations, well a lot for my health of course that I needed to maintain my health and balance my activities that I already started this year that would not affect my usual activities done in the office. Although the start of 2011 that you've been seeking a regular work without a big help also on my family gives them a big trouble on their end here in Alta Resources Philippines that I really don't like to work with them because they talk to much offensive to their co-workers. A friend helped me a lot for me to move forward as everyone says so that your dreams and aspirations will also successful.