Saturday, August 29, 2009

Teacher Carol Expelled at the Palau Island

After Justine expelled from the Koror tribe, Now it's Teacher Carol was now expelled from the Koror Island during the 2nd tribal council of the Survivor Philippines 2. The alliance of Louie, Suzuki and Charles worked because they've based about the performance during the 2nd immunity challenge were Airai won by a point. Alliance of Louie, Suzuki and Charles is instrumental were Teacher Carol was the 2nd Castaway from Isla Purgatoryo together with Justine also from the same tribe. Now this cast-offs Carol and Justine will show their at the Isla Purgatoryo or The Snake Island. I never seen these as risky as the Season 1 of the Survivor Philippines ever. Isla Purgatoryo is unfamiliar place for us that we have here in the Philippines. No wonder do some Filipinos have no idea what is Isla Purgatoryo means? But we do about these place is also unfamiliar place here in Palu Island where do some snakes or other creatures lived in this unfamiliar territory.

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