Sunday, November 27, 2011

A whole week of my health suffers

Although that oh! my god I'm still hoping to get his back his normal he is. I know that off my road in the office. I keep my prayer for Guidance and Protection against that those enemies who want to pull me down as always especially my mother and the eldest brother with their conscience they have done to us especially to me, wanting to grow more as a person. On the first day work in the banking industry was nervous, every move, your look is very articulate and attendance is very important, for me that's the typical work that I want for the rest of the stint in the IT industry, knowing that I am working for my medical reasons and etc... I want o keep myself strong also so that I can do the usual things that I'm doing for the past three years spending myself as an IT Consultant and also as a Software Developer. I just want to keep back the usual activities on it's actual form. My priorities as of now. IT Projects well, the project I had presently with the banking industry(BDO) and also with the government (BureauOfCustoms) and lastly is writing articles more that will catch more readers that I'll be publishing more. I'll be on focus on my expenses wiser plus on the Marathon on December that will be the 35th Milo National Marathon with my younger brother that suppose to be to attend his first run today unfortunately he is sick but he is now recovery hoping that my father will also pursue his recovery.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Miss World is comemorating its 61st Anniversary

Miss World is commemorating its 61st Anniversary at the coronation night held at  Earls Court Exhibition Center in London. As this is the oldest beauty pageant surviving on its 61 years as the beauty pageant started at the United Kingdom at the year 1951 that we consider as one of the historic night in the international beauty pageant that most of the intelligent beauties competing for the title as Miss World but also with a purpose of helping others. An another Filipina made as the 2011 Miss World First Runner Up Gwendoline Ruais on the Miss World 2011. Some other blog sites that Gwendoline Ruais is the 2nd Evangeline Pascual  also won the first runner up also in the 1973 Miss World. Filipinos were proud that although were still close on winning the Miss World Crown she is still our Winner.

Congratulations Gwendoline Ruais !