Sunday, June 7, 2009

Give me time to decide. my mother and my brother is a bitch!

I was informed by the two organization that I'll be having my orientation on June 15 or June 16, we'll it depends on my capabilities that should I take it or not we don't know? For me, the organization which is located at Ortigas in Pasig is more capable on my part because they've been using one of my technical expertise which is ASP Programming while the organization here in Boni, Mandaluyong City that I'll be using some of the technical skills with a knowledge in which I don't have a practice yet but still I surpassed the interview. Will see! Guess what? My mother and my brother where not okay. There are some differences where raised. First is My mother keeps telling that I am "stupid", Second is My brother keeps telling that I am "stubborn" and "lazy". We'll the truth is guess who is the really lazy individual in this house, the real monster when it comes to money and everything, exactly my brother. Hay! I know that I am experiencing gaps that's why I am suffering ailments like this due to raising differences which themselves cannot finished it. My monster mom of course, I do really hate so much.

Oh! Lord, Please do help to finish this one now.
I know you are there listening to me despite my
family raised and caused my brother and my
mother, please enlighten there minds who is
still raising the whole truth on what's going
on here, Please help me to push my plans
for my healthful recovery on my
thyroid therapy.

I know that he will listen with my grievances ever in my daily life.

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