Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"I've just remain calm and happy"

First thing, I've just signed a contract as a programmer that will last til December of this year to a telecommunication company here in Mandaluyong City. On my freelance side, As I said on my previous post to communicate thou email with my client and I haven't heard about him yet but it's okay, at least I do find time to have practice my skills further as a programmer due to the hyperthyroid disease I had last April 15, 2009. I know that my friends were okay despite all the issues happening at present like AH1N1 virus, No to Con-Ass and etc... I am looking forward to have our high school reunion will push through on December 2009. Most of my high school batchmates haven't seen the lcs batch 99 high school website Of course, I need to pay my bills as soon as my resumption as a computer programmer will go along. Yeah! To my former colleague in EPLDT-iPLUS, Coca-Cola,Altrion,Filinvest especially with my Bahay Financial Services,P&G we'll thank you again! for the very stint project-based work with you for the past three years will help me to prove myself to be as one IT experts we have here in the Philippines.

To my former colleagues,
Thank you again for the support that you've given me most especially with my former colleagues in EPLDT-iPlus,Bahay Financial Services Inc. and Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines Inc. Please do take care of yourself, regarding with AH1N1 virus we had at present. I don't know how to be able to thank you personally but thou my post will help. Still I'm counting on your support and prayers also now that I am ongoing thyroid replacement therapy, that will keep me stronger.

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