Wednesday, December 24, 2014

2014 Merry Christmas

What a day to a simple Christmas not expensive though there are a lot of expenses to handle but stress this 2014 wasn't handle enough (a government project left-over but it wasn't done accurate)after a carry over of the 2013 incident that couldn't not be forgiven (trying to but it will take longer time) take me months for searching an opportunity although my family helped me but the support is insufficient though they want to have for me for a work(result on continuing freelance work) that won't take seriously until my brother had my resignation just before this Christmas Day that's awful but I will take the opportunity for better 2015 IT project. Hope and praying to have a better 2015 ahead of me, active on runs with no injury(fully recovered).

Sunday, December 21, 2014

See the Past and Present Tennis at IPTIL

During my younger days that time dream to be a lawn tennis player but an insufficient from my family weakens myself to pursue my dream. But know that to see my favorite players again playing the sport that they love could inspire that YOU SHOULD GO NEVER GIVE UP! An opportunity to see them once again in action although some have retire or not actively playing but wanted to play tennis again oh! my god that it should keep my me on fire especially the Manila Mavericks is placed 3rd Over-all on the Team Standings makes me proud especially for the Habitat for Humanity for victims of Typhoon Yolanda and Typhoon Ruby. Keep it up Manila Mavericks and keep the winnings going for Manila.

Monday, December 15, 2014

An fast cure for the athletes or non-atheletes

Every individual experience muscle, back or foot pain for extra curricular activities that we've had either on running whether full or ultra marathon race. The typical athletes experience injuries on during the race or game that you've had. An Ultra-marathoner had a last month deadliest route needed a recovery that would not take to medicine or antibiotics prescribed by the doctors. Injuries wait no more because PeakForm will provide the medication that you'll be needed. Hmmm! that could motivate to invest more so that whatever extra-curricular activities that athletes are in. I was really impress and chance to try one of the services is the ShockWave therapy. Fresh from the 106++++ route from Baguio to La Union that I had a chance to seen one of their machines needed on the cure for the back pain I've experience and when tried to test on my back that on first feel it's painful for me as first-timer but when they've applied the Shock-wave Machine on the lighter mode, they've have a cure on my back pain that feels free NO HINGAL that usual when I walk or run I have experience, can move with NO OUCH that I could have my high-school reunion. Being a runner experience pain on the route whether 50+++ or any sports or any activities that involves all your body movements that could stay longer in activity.