Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fighting for your Life

Fighting for your life is a serious issue for most us at present. As we can see the case of the former president Corazon Aquino health condition will I can consider these is a major issue undergoing to the Stage 4 Colon Cancer it is very difficult to surpass these ailment. Just like what happen to the late master rapper Francis Magalona who where succumb from the Blood Cancer last march 6, 2009 at the Medical City.

Just also happen to the late action star Rudy Fernandez whose his beloved wife Lorna Tolentino fights for the cancer. I've learned for the stories where inspired that I am lucky that I surpassed from a Papillary Carcinoma(thyroid cancer). During my doctor's consultation, I've realized that prayers and support from my trusted friends and former officemates where there because they know that I am honest person that I can work with. Prayers helped a lot for me to survive at present. My schoolmates expressed their extensive support ever during my confinement at the UST Hospital where I just get lucky that most of the Nurse served on my hospitalization were my former schoolmates from St. Paul Pasig and La Consolacion Pasig, luckier that I've also my highschool mates who's also a Pathologist at present.

The easiest way to survive from your illness is to keep your family,friends or colleagues to give an extensive support and having strong faith to our lord almighty. One of my doctors said to me during my doctor's consultation is if you keep your family and friends to know your status via blog or an online social networking site by giving you prayers for you to live and God will give you a good sign that you have a chances to survive, there are some individuals survived from these illness as long as you know how to take good of yourself at least you can do whatever you want to do.

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