Friday, August 14, 2015

On my 33rd Birthday

I want it more memorable for me that I want to take first thing on my financial expenses that could continuous support for me and the youngest brother has the disability by keeping focus on the current work that I have, not material but that will be as the greatest gift ever knowing the difficulties I suffer on looking the opportunity in Information Technology that it wasn't good that they have right resources but on how they deal is wasn't good.  I have friends that they keep on praying and support me to have a better opportunity sometimes worried yes but I don't bother. I may have many mistakes on choosing right opportunity that this will be the last knowing that you had enough of contributing what I can do moving to the next level where someone screw on aiming employment which is bad for the organization. Right now to make sure that I have job to deliver is double work and focus myself. I'll keep my birthday just to be simple as I am and now that I have sickness that wasn't cured even this company hired has no consideration upon effort on doing a website that may bring to the next level without no consideration. Now off for a two month rest upon this injury but continuous searching for a full-time IT opportunity that I could deliver a website by months that could even more satisfying to the business owner on expectation unlike this on fast pace without proper testing and content checking plus resources are available unlike you will be providing the resources which is unlike practice for an IT Professionals also consume time.