Monday, June 29, 2009

Different Melissa Marasigan

A different Melissa Marasigan these days. I've learned my lesson from my past working deployments before. I've learned not trust a person whom you just recently met. Second thing is I'm now be careful of what I'm doing inside and outside the office. Why am I telling this? Every individual changes, This is Melissa Marasigan right now. I am doing what it takes to be a successful project that I am handling right now. She is more different right now in terms of my new collegues, I don't see any problem working with them. They boost my moral to work with this project at my best so I don't see any office politics their in this organization here in my deployment in another consulting firm unlike my previous deployment their in Makati. I've set my new IT Profile despite my skills where on average level. The second thing that I am sharing these because I've realized that a real healthy environment that I am looking for is on my present deployment, that's why I am making good impression and sharing some technical ideas with regards to the project that I'm part with, Nervous at first but when trying to study further project so that when the development comes I'll be sending out the output deliverables on the said date of the timeline set by the team.

Sabi daw nila "immature daw ako" pero pinatunayan ko yan na sila ang immature at hindi ako. alam ninyo ba kung bakit? Una sa lahat, Habang ako nakadeploy ako dyan, imbis na magtrabaho ng maayos eh sila nga yung gumagawa ng pulitika sa opisina, sa tingin ninyo ba? magrogrow ako? Palagay ko hindi. Bkit? kasi na demoralized ka na, kasi ang katwiran nila mas trusted daw sila kasi matagal na raw sila kaysa sa mga bago na wala pa sila idea kung anong kumpanya yan, imbis na magtrabaho ng mas matagal eh! eto nga nangyari nademoralize ka, hindi pa maganda yung end of contract. Ang daming istorya na gawa-gawa rin ng kapwa ko ring contractor.

Ngayon, lahat ng professional ethics para tumagal ka sa kumpanya ng pinagtatrabahuan mo ginagawa ko ngayon. Mas eager ako na tapusin yung proyekto na hinahawak ko ngayon. Mas maiingat ako sa mga tao kinakausap ko kasi baka sila yung magpahamak sa akin sa susunod na buwan. Kung may kailangan ko ayusin dapat magsabi lagi sa immediate boss. Eto ay lagi ko na ito ginagawa. Pinagdarasal ko na lang yung mga tao gustong pabagsakin na sila na lang bumagsak wag na ako.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy 59 Anniversary Kapuso

Grateful at 59. Proven that GMA Network proves that they are No.1 with their audience share with their rival network. All the Kapuso Shows marked to the millions of fans and building new talents on drama,action or in comedy. Game shows like the Hole in the Wall marked all the fans with Angelina portray by Ogie Alcasid and Yaya by Michael V. they make us entertain all the fans with their funny anthics.

Happy 59th Anniversary Kapuso!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Transformers 2 movie

A movie picture pick of all time Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen, It would be easier to watch if you have watched the Transformers the movie. This just a sequel of the Transformers the movie, characters where all the same as the first part of the movie. I think I've just watched the Transformers 1 a few months ago on this personal computers, and when I watched the trailer of the Transformers 2 will be much exciting to watch than the first part of the Transformers.

Transformers Pictures

Here are some of my pics

Friday, June 26, 2009

A tribute to the King of POP and the Original Charlie's Angel star

A tribute to the King of POP who just suffered at the cardiac arrest in his house, died in UCLA Medical Center. People expecting that their will be his comeback concert as promise this July 13, 2009. But the fans all over the country mourn when the news came out that the KING of POP died. I myself that I truly respect him as one of the greatest performers of all time his number hits in the billboard charts where unbelievable, live performances on the concert stage aside form these news there is another big celebrity died also as of today where Michael Jackson died. A 70's sexy actress and former Charlie's Angels Farrah Fawcett died at the anal cancer.

When I heard that cancer it reminds of my health status right now. One of my doctors said that there are several individuals survived these illness ever in our present day. I respect the legacy of the King of POP here in the music industry, Farrah's role as on his angels in the 70's hit Charlie's Angels, Fans will gonna miss you but the contribution to the entertainment industry will keep as one treasure to your millions of fans across all over the world.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Welcome Back

Hay! ang sarap ng pakikiramramdam na bumalik sa dati kong gawain. Sa una pa lang medyo nervous pa ako kasi hindi ko pa alam yung mga dapat kong gagawain sa loob ng 6 na buwan. Siyempre basa-basa uli ng mga libro sa computer para pagsabak eh! okey na ako. Sa freelance ko naman ayun. kailangan ko iup yung website ng isa sa mga client ko kasi nagexpire yung dating domain niya. Una araw ko sa opisina uli, dito sa Globe Telecom may mga ilang kakilala na ako dyan na naging kaklase nung nasa TIP Q.C pa ako. Ang suwerte ko nga, IT admin assistant ko siya ngayon. Sa unang limang araw ko sa opisina, dapat maging familiar sa mga ginamit nila para tama yung pakatrabaho ko sa project na yan. Kaya ko naman nasabi eh! ganito rin yung naging trabaho sa isang pinagsilbihan ko as Contractor din sa Makati eh! yung sa P&G ng ibang consulting company dito rin sa Makati City kasi yung deployment ko eh! kaso tapos yung kontrata ko nun kaya on and off ako pag dating sa system or web development. Malaking bagay yung experience ko sa dati kong trabaho lalu-lalo na sa mga tao kasama mo sa loob ng opisina kasi nangyari na sa akin yan nung nagsisimula pa lamang ako sa P&G Asia Ltd under pa rin kay Information Professionals Inc, Ah! marami pa ako natutunan. Kaya nga sabi sa commericial ng coke zero "Dare to start from zero" at least marami na ako natutunan sa mga kasama ko sa Altrion,FLI,Coca-Cola,BFS,P&G,EPLDT-iPlus/Zuellig

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pussy Cat Doll Domination Concert at the Mall of Asia

The Pussy Cat Dolls will be having a big doll domination concert at the Mall of Asia concert grounds tonight, This is their second time that they will be having their concert here in Philippines because they had also a successful concert at first here also in the Philippines features a Filipina-Russian lead singer Nicole Scherzinger. I'm also an avid fan of Pussy Cat Dolls because they made a successful rendition of "Jaiho" from one of my favorite movies that I've watched is the slumdog millionaire. I'm sure this gonna be more successful as they had their concert here last 2006.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"I've just remain calm and happy"

First thing, I've just signed a contract as a programmer that will last til December of this year to a telecommunication company here in Mandaluyong City. On my freelance side, As I said on my previous post to communicate thou email with my client and I haven't heard about him yet but it's okay, at least I do find time to have practice my skills further as a programmer due to the hyperthyroid disease I had last April 15, 2009. I know that my friends were okay despite all the issues happening at present like AH1N1 virus, No to Con-Ass and etc... I am looking forward to have our high school reunion will push through on December 2009. Most of my high school batchmates haven't seen the lcs batch 99 high school website Of course, I need to pay my bills as soon as my resumption as a computer programmer will go along. Yeah! To my former colleague in EPLDT-iPLUS, Coca-Cola,Altrion,Filinvest especially with my Bahay Financial Services,P&G we'll thank you again! for the very stint project-based work with you for the past three years will help me to prove myself to be as one IT experts we have here in the Philippines.

To my former colleagues,
Thank you again for the support that you've given me most especially with my former colleagues in EPLDT-iPlus,Bahay Financial Services Inc. and Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines Inc. Please do take care of yourself, regarding with AH1N1 virus we had at present. I don't know how to be able to thank you personally but thou my post will help. Still I'm counting on your support and prayers also now that I am ongoing thyroid replacement therapy, that will keep me stronger.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm Back as a Programmer

We'll despite of the major operation I had at the thyroidectomy held at the UST Hospital. I had an offer which is suitable to my needs so far so good at least. As of my freelance projects, Well I had to communicate with my client today if he is here regarding the two websites that I'm building. Please do extend patience on due to my personal difference that I'm encountering in my work place but I'll be moving out to this place really soon and look for a working area that will able to continue providing web and system development services. Everything is okay at this moment. An extensive support for the success of my projects in the future. At least that I am happy for my resumption as a Programmer will come all the way. Thank you! and continue for your support that you've given me this pass 2 months because I'm undergoing also a thyroid replacement therapy. I know that I felt hatred with my family as you've read to my previous post ever. I know that they are not helpful for my therapy ever especially to my monster mother and my demon brother ever... Oh! they might kill me. Anyway! I'll be communicating with my client on Thursday regarding the websites because I have to finish the ring-design website and to coordinate this with my client by Thursday.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Give me time to decide. my mother and my brother is a bitch!

I was informed by the two organization that I'll be having my orientation on June 15 or June 16, we'll it depends on my capabilities that should I take it or not we don't know? For me, the organization which is located at Ortigas in Pasig is more capable on my part because they've been using one of my technical expertise which is ASP Programming while the organization here in Boni, Mandaluyong City that I'll be using some of the technical skills with a knowledge in which I don't have a practice yet but still I surpassed the interview. Will see! Guess what? My mother and my brother where not okay. There are some differences where raised. First is My mother keeps telling that I am "stupid", Second is My brother keeps telling that I am "stubborn" and "lazy". We'll the truth is guess who is the really lazy individual in this house, the real monster when it comes to money and everything, exactly my brother. Hay! I know that I am experiencing gaps that's why I am suffering ailments like this due to raising differences which themselves cannot finished it. My monster mom of course, I do really hate so much.

Oh! Lord, Please do help to finish this one now.
I know you are there listening to me despite my
family raised and caused my brother and my
mother, please enlighten there minds who is
still raising the whole truth on what's going
on here, Please help me to push my plans
for my healthful recovery on my
thyroid therapy.

I know that he will listen with my grievances ever in my daily life.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"On-going interview process, hoping that my interview will hire me asap"

I had my appointment at the Telecommunication Company under a Primeover Consultancy. We'll the interview was okay in fact he asked my question regarding my past working experience. Aside from Globe Telecom, I am also looking forward at the one of finest department stores here in the Philippines owned by a well known Filipino-Chinese business tycoon, When I had the interview with the Recruiting Staff, I've seen the stable benefits as I expected for my future. I think and wishing that my plans will finally push, and expecting something better for my own good. I am also praying that I'll be soon be paid for the web design at least that I am expecting and that I am consider the one of my achievements as a freelancer. I know that God knows the whole truth about my life. Being programmer is one of the greatest treasure that no one will vanished from me as a person. God knows that I have no successful childhood days that I'm not looking back anymore. I want to prove themselves that I can handle myself without their help and support. My former colleagues understand my stand because I opened up to them to the way I stand at present.