Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rexona Run 2012 my pre-training updates

I am looking forward to this event to even more memorable not just for my 30th Birthday that the best birthday for me proven that I am an ultramarathoner on my end will be ultimate goal that will open the opportunity to be part with Ayala Triads that's will give me more trainings for the long distance plus gaining more friends that could live my passion with them into running. My social skills further to improve also with my present work but also other daily activities aside from being an IT Professionals that from the most of my former officemates that I should balance personal from your profession = from your social life.  I had also three rounds yesterday and another round for tomorrow for this running event preparation until Saturday.I don't want to give up the sport that with me just like in the Information Technology that no one is a quitter. If the middle of the race you quit, in your persona you are a looser that will keep my motto in every race that I joined you have the determination to finish every race that you've joined to finish it.  Although my Friday seems it rainy again that I should another round of running at the ULTRA Oval Track after office but it was move yesterday to have biking but unfortunately I had to do have market to have possible to eat. Ughhh!!! I hate it so much.... hmmmm!!!! that's why I want to go with my group mates further instead of staying of home a lot. I was including my brother to joined but I have problems with his attitude he might ask something that could be expensive that I will not able to give it.(I manage to have a schedule myself on preparing my race after work of course also including with the running team that my former officemate join in that will keep myself on pace on work over my personal life)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

2012 London Olympics

Fast- approaching that the 2012 London Olympics so some where expecting that the Philippines can have a Gold-Medal performance here to our country. Although the full coverage is with the Sports TV-5 with full-support in our Philippine Delegation to have a gold-medal performance ever to have the conquest since our country entered in the Olympics last 1924. A full coverage by Sports TV-5 that will bring to you live coverage from the opening ceremonies and games especially our support for our Philippine Team. A full-support on our Philippine Team that will boost their confidence to produce a medal performance or even the conquest to have a first ever gold medal that our country is expecting. For our the athletes on our Philippine Delegation to compete in this prestigious event to have in very four years representing our country that a full-support from our end that will boost their confidence to have a better performance in this coming 2012 Olympics. My full support on our Philippine Team. We have already the opening ceremonies for 2012 held almost in London and what an eve for our delegation. Here's one of the highlights of the opening Olympics games here on YouTube you can watch the opening ceremonies:

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pacquiao vs. Bradley (Rematch)?

Unconvincing win over Manny Pacquiao on their first encounter was given a lot if issues that Manny Pacquiao should retain his WBO Welterweight Championship, The investigation found out that their is a game-fixed for having a possible a rematch and November 10, 2012, It will regain the confidence of Filipinos that the boxing is one of the sport that give us numerous achievements not just with Manny Pacquiao but the other Filipino boxing champions e.g Luisito Espinosa, Gerry Penalosa and etc.... Although the Filipino's wanted this November a Pacquiao vs. MayWeather fight that will push on the first quarter of 2013. This November 10, 2012 that will give justice to their first encounter that will regain the confidence to this sport for the Filipino fans that Manny Pacquiao will regain his WBO Welterweight Championship Belt on his name in a clean with no game-fixing on the fight itself. On the updates based on the news we had on GMA News, still we had Pacquiao vs. Marquez 4 that will set on this November at MGM Las Vegas Nevada, just to show proof whose the real pound for pound fighter of all time. Also an upcoming and looking forward the match against MayWeather by next year, as long that the shares for the Pacquiao for this fight will be 45% vs.MayWeather 55% based on the Los Angeles Times| Sports.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Salamat Mang Dolphy! A tribute to the Comedy King of Philippine Showbiz

Rodolfo Vera Quizon Sr. or well-known as "Dolphy" passed away last July 10, 2012 at the Makati Medical City Hospital at around 8:34pm. He was succumbed on the "Multiple Organ failure secondary to complications brought about severe pneumonia, Chronic cbstructive pulmonary disease and acute renal failure. The colorful 83 years turning 84 this July 25, 2012 on and off camera that would made as the "The Comedy King".His career was wonderful showbiz career though I was also a fan of Home Along Da Riles TV sitcoms and movies. A remarkable performance as Walter Dempster Jr./Walterina Markova in Markova "The Comfort Gay" together with is two sons Eric Quizon and Epi Quizon as they've won as the Brussels International Film Awards and Seattle Gay and Lesbian Film Awards back in 2001. A meaningful that he has shared with the Filipinos worldwide, A man with Tondo Manila with his good deeds and humility to help others for those who need help, a God-fearing person that every struggle as he experience that he never stop praying to ask his guidance and affection to continue to make people happy as always.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Team Philippines Go for the Gold this London Olympic 2012

A month away from our Philippine Team to the 2012 Summer Olympic Games here in Paris London. Hmmm! I just wondering how our country is preparing for this event that will happened in every four years. Is there any fund raising projects held for the athletes, hmmm. I believe that the MVP Sports Foundation headed by: Manny V. Pangilinan had a suntok ginto project for the Philippine Boxing Team because our medal hopes is still in boxing, still our extensive support is with this sport and other sports that our Philippine Team is competing this London Summer Olympic Games 2012. We have still few athletes who were qualified on their pre-qualifying tournaments on before these 2012 London Olympics that will give them best shot that our conquest for ever first gold medal Since the Philippine delegation entered the Olympics at 1924. Then after Mansueto "Onyok" Velasco bags the silver (almost the gold medal performance) in the Atlanta Olympics wasn't even followed that one during the Sydney Olympics and Beijing Olympics that a medal drought performance for us Filipinos. Hoping to have a medal winning performance this coming 2012 London Olympics though our few delegation from our Philippine Team to give us the very first gold medal performance.   For the 11 Athletes whom they qualify before the Olympics wishing Good Luck and have medal performance for the Philippines, an experience that most the athletes could make soar high from the history of  sports ever.