Monday, December 30, 2013

Pacquiao Combeback

Despite the struggle 2012 match that Manny Pacquiao with Juan Manuel Marquez and Timothy Bradley, This year, he concentrate more on the training for a fight against Brandon Rios with a victory on WBO International Welterweight Championship Title that he will be a meaning for the Typhoon Yolanda Survivors teaching how to recover after the disaster. Hmmm! he may inspire the Filipinos to step up after the tragedy, Still he is the only Pound-for-Pound King that he can go back....

Congrats! Rep. Manny Pacquiao

Merry Christmas 2013

A Christmas day this year was quite enjoying but sadness was there upon the lost of an office-mates just last April of this year, two of our members of my family and my father died last September that hmmm! I should give more time to improve myself just past few months that I wasn't able to finish a 50 or more km races, just after the shift doing and catching -up lsd and mileage run missed with my running team on my new running adidas running shoes (hmmm! hoping to have bigger size for ladies hehehehe!!!!). Attending the office Christmas Party held in Taguig, enjoyed a lot and having a reunited with former classmate or officemate before that they know regular employees. An eve of Christmas that most of us where tired, decide to spent more time watching an NBA game on our TV and the premiere of all the entries at 39th Metro Manila Filmfest that we consider an entry with Ryzza Mae and Bossing Vic. 

On all the cinema's was jump-packed with premiere of all the entries, My Little Bossing was more enjoy and happiest movie that relief stress that some experience in the past few months even our younger brother enjoy the Christmas eve watching this film also having a new adidas basketball shoes that he wanted even before(hmmm! he was the one ask ths for me....) A glimpse of the Christmas Lights Show was biggest attraction that you really spend more time just Make it Happen, Make It here in Makati.