Thursday, July 30, 2009

I am thinking ways to patch up my savings

I am having a hard time to have something in which I can patch up with my expenses before. I know it will be a double time but as long as my client is with me for the website then I have enough time to build my pending system for my further clients. Right now, I have stable job on blogging and on my project at present as an IT Consultant and presently doing two website with my client here in Philippines. It sounds hard for me, despite of my comeback from a terrible surgical operation 2 months ago plus my incoming twenty seven birthday this coming August. I don't want to ruin my month long celebration with former teammates/officemates and proj.managers to my previous deployments and Altrion Technologies Philippines. I know it takes a lot of patience and focus on my profession plus the fact that earning hundreds one at the time if possible that could helped more to my expenses in the near future. We don't know gonna happened in the near future but for me. I have to be ready..

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