Sunday, January 24, 2010

"A bigger adjustment on the new office"

I know that had fresh from the major deployment in a Telecom company here in Mandaluyong as a Programmer and Tester. Well on my first day at the office here in Ortigas was major adjustment because of the old system that they've been using at the office, Normal for a new hire to undergo with this kind of adjustment but they will give a better chances for me to have some rest and attend IT Seminars that will help to increase my credentials further. I am having a hard time to get along with the employees on my new office but some they do understand that I'm just a new hire in this company and will give some months to adjust on their system or sharing some ideas when I handled on my previous deployment that will help to improve the operation. I am currently studying the Modules in Oracle that I'll providing my technical support on their transactions. Well to my former teammates and my project managers: Please do understand my standing right now, but I do have an opportunity to thank you for working with you and leaving with clearing my name I do appreciate on that. There are some better IT hopefuls that want they careers on high here in Telecom Industry, please do open the doors for them. On the office, Normal office situation, I do answer phone calls, studying phone calls and etc.. I do discover something that they've implemented a manual system of purchasing, inventory and etc.. Such a Jurassic attitude that they've showing for the new hire. My motto this year is  Patience is a virtue as always.

Salamat Cory

January 22, 2005 at the SM Megamall had a bigger celebration that will remind Corazon C. Aquino. I saw some of her pictures where she was our president of the republic of the Philippines knowing that most of her supporters misses so much. I wonderful experience when I saw event that time when her eldest Ballsy Aquino Cruz speak up and saying "Thank you" on behalf of the Aquino Family for their endless support for their mother. I've learned so much from time when she laid eternal rest last August 1, 2009 at the Makati Medical Hospital. We all know that Corazon C. Aquino is celebrating her 77th Birthday to the mother of our modern democracy.

Monday, January 4, 2010

"A New Year 2010"

I have so many plans ahead of me this 2010 and my priorities is my plans may pursue this year, continuous project on web especially the 2010 Presidential Elections is coming, Hmmm! I was thinking the candidate to be endorsed. My personal plans may be pursued, I'm hoping were in good comments upon my recent deployment having strong faith to the Lord which he guide me on the right path plus a good friends who helped me out and also connected to my recent deployment helped me out makes me feel better. Having a strong faith and trusted friends along with me makes me feel stronger. I'll just keep my plans for this year because it is personal just seeking to purse my plans for the next few years. It's undetermined whether I'm still on a project-based work or a full-time IT work for good. Most of my old friends help me out in seeking a new career this 2010. Well I had an appointment here in Pasig earlier, and I'm still open for the IT Projects this year. But right now, we'll I need a lot of rest, of course to regain my strength to fulfill my future projects and website development projects in the future. For me, I keep my faith to God at all times because he has good plans for me in the future. Other priority was my keep my condition stable, though my lifetime thyrax medicine for my therapy, I'm hoping to regain my finances for my medicine this year( I guess!).