Friday, August 21, 2009

Hard Days Work before Holiday

Information Technology could be difficult for some professionals if don't you prove your expertise not just in words but also thru action. I know that having holiday will be difficult for me to have a good rest at my house because I need also to do household chores with my body and mind still unrest. I still to manage with my new teammates inside outside the office. I have extended hours of doing the testing and checking all the accounts yet, I have done as accurate ever all the testing. I have used my project with my previous deployment were "although you've done fast the data processing, you need also to double check if the data processing is correct based on their process flow" I kept this motto on my present work, knowing that their are rumors rumors again but i won't let happen during my previous deployment where anomalies unto my credentials, I will allow the authorized people whom I really trusted to handle carefully my credentials. Unto the non-working holidays, OMG! I don't really understand the mood of an individual when she gets tired. Yes, I do understand but the other members of the family don't understand when someone gets tired from the office haha! it's really weird day, but for me, the usual thing Have a long sleep day hehehe!!!!!

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