Wednesday, December 24, 2014

2014 Merry Christmas

What a day to a simple Christmas not expensive though there are a lot of expenses to handle but stress this 2014 wasn't handle enough (a government project left-over but it wasn't done accurate)after a carry over of the 2013 incident that couldn't not be forgiven (trying to but it will take longer time) take me months for searching an opportunity although my family helped me but the support is insufficient though they want to have for me for a work(result on continuing freelance work) that won't take seriously until my brother had my resignation just before this Christmas Day that's awful but I will take the opportunity for better 2015 IT project. Hope and praying to have a better 2015 ahead of me, active on runs with no injury(fully recovered).

Sunday, December 21, 2014

See the Past and Present Tennis at IPTIL

During my younger days that time dream to be a lawn tennis player but an insufficient from my family weakens myself to pursue my dream. But know that to see my favorite players again playing the sport that they love could inspire that YOU SHOULD GO NEVER GIVE UP! An opportunity to see them once again in action although some have retire or not actively playing but wanted to play tennis again oh! my god that it should keep my me on fire especially the Manila Mavericks is placed 3rd Over-all on the Team Standings makes me proud especially for the Habitat for Humanity for victims of Typhoon Yolanda and Typhoon Ruby. Keep it up Manila Mavericks and keep the winnings going for Manila.

Monday, December 15, 2014

An fast cure for the athletes or non-atheletes

Every individual experience muscle, back or foot pain for extra curricular activities that we've had either on running whether full or ultra marathon race. The typical athletes experience injuries on during the race or game that you've had. An Ultra-marathoner had a last month deadliest route needed a recovery that would not take to medicine or antibiotics prescribed by the doctors. Injuries wait no more because PeakForm will provide the medication that you'll be needed. Hmmm! that could motivate to invest more so that whatever extra-curricular activities that athletes are in. I was really impress and chance to try one of the services is the ShockWave therapy. Fresh from the 106++++ route from Baguio to La Union that I had a chance to seen one of their machines needed on the cure for the back pain I've experience and when tried to test on my back that on first feel it's painful for me as first-timer but when they've applied the Shock-wave Machine on the lighter mode, they've have a cure on my back pain that feels free NO HINGAL that usual when I walk or run I have experience, can move with NO OUCH that I could have my high-school reunion. Being a runner experience pain on the route whether 50+++ or any sports or any activities that involves all your body movements that could stay longer in activity.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Cinema One Original 2014 Present

After our stint to my dear alma mater La Consolacion School-Pasig has produced finest directors on Philippine Cinema. Jericho Rosales on big-screen. Red that will showing on November 11-18, 2014 on cinema's around Metro Manila. Please like the Page Cinema One originals

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Recruiting that could be more than direct selling?

At present that still seeing for a work more than to invite in a multi-level marketing firm, For me it's true at present that decided to have a risk to continue my goal to be a Web Developer that continue to do freelance, It's true because if you want to convince an officemate, a friend to do a business, It depends that a person has a lot of things to do personally that you can never tell. In my own experience, First I had my first MLM which my cousin invite me but it wasn't consistently working to this product but it work on the direct selling method. There are things that you may consider to have a business firm to be more stable.

  1. Choose a business not just for networking or invite people just to be on top and be millionaire, see other options that you can excel more. 
  2. See if the product that they marketing at present is worth from their end then try first before you join in their MLM firm.
If you are seeing a business that can be stable without any pressure just StartYourVMobileBusiness and explore the financial possibilities more using your existing mobile phones. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy on my 32th Birthday

There are many things to get priority needed that's why I needed to have accomplish first together for eying a .Net Project with accuracy and knowing to be more considerate with our client. Still on high hopes to have a fixed not a night-shift a better salary on a regular time. I have to spend my time further with my family at the eve of my 32th Birthday to have our family solid hoping towards it's 1st year death anniversary of my father that will be big responsibility(on finances! bills getting bigger.) on getting back myself extended big thank you Genie Technologies Inc for an opportunity you gave but I will take this opportunity almost but a better integration process using the standard system development process to open letter to one of the former supervisor on AX Team. For us that was insufficient to put us as a team with your school and government client then especially with a government client will be more transparent to them for a better solution to live run their system and have the user's feedback on their end as solution open to resolve the discrepancy of the output agreed with your former AX Team before us hmmm. how wonder that they were not good terms as a team maybe?  my time but I don't stress on my eve at my birthday then, Spending with our youngest brother that haven't experience on mall as siblings bonding. Movie on the Guardians of the Galaxy that the most entertaining movie on my birthday on the special effects unbelievable.On my 32 years that could strive more for the best to have a less stress family that I keep myself to dream on learn to step up.

Team Gilas Pilipinas nail first win in FIBA 2014

After 40 years that our country Philippines nail the first win in the FIBA 2014. I know that our game against Croatia is heart-breaking loss for our team but we have and give the best game, Jeff Chan was marked man during that game. Most of the basketball games watch on TV from the international screen that the leading team is consistent rotating ball movement to have the outside shooting and earning a win to improve the
standings but this is the most we'll for me hate but we as a Filipino fan have the consideration that Team Gilas Pilipinas qualified for the FIBA World 2014 after 40 years. But these is the best game we had our match against Puerto Rico that we had a lead on 1st half then the fatigue trigger on our players, Jayson Castro also experience fatigue and injury on right knee that results he will not play for Senegal nailed a 81-79 on the outside shooting for THE MIGHTY MOUSE Jimmy Alapag that he can be a NBA-Caliber.  With Greece  they were strong team ever in FIBA World but Team Gilas Pilipinas shown a good fight on that game. Andray Blatche knowing a NBA-Veteran and naturalized Filipino citizen is eligible playing these Asiad Games with his experience that he had it will be a bigger help for our Philippine Team an inch before the Asian Gold Medal that the South Korea will be hosting. Hmmm! Interesting to find out if South Korea on top or FIBA-Asia Champs Iran or hoping that our Philippine Basketball Team on Asiad Gold target to qualify for the Summer Olympic Games.  

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lyca, 2014 The Voice Kids Champion

I was inspire to this kid started nothing then have notice on the blind audition when she started hmmm! Sarah Geronimo push the red button I WANT YOU.  Same as Sarah started singing in on of Regine Velasquez Alcasid contest back in IBC-13. From the blind audition first she is my bet due on MAKA-MASA figure captures the heart of Filipinos. See the video that made as the 1st Season of The Voice Kids as her winning piece:
Until the grand-finale when she has a duet with AEGIS. Big Wow! fulfilling her dream for better living and studying on a regular school  for the performance and she capture most of the Filipino audience at Resorts World Manila. That's why she was named as The 1st Voice Kids Champion. Well Deserved!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

SMART Gilas Pilipinas on right track for FIBA World Cup 2014

The improvements waited for years, hard-work and support  for the SMART Gilas Pilipinas Basketball Team after the last year in the FIBA Asia Champion's Cup held here in Manila. SMART Gilas Pilipinas Head Coach Chot Reyes from the 17th Man Pool selection tap the 12th Man to represent this year FIBA Asia Cup 2014, ensure the right condition of all the players in preparation for the FIBA World Cup 2014 in Spain. A bronze medal finish that will stable our exposure and back on track in the world of Basketball. Hmmm! an achievement for the Filipinos and could give the Philippine Basketball scene the right track waited for years. A success by the SMART-Gilas improved finish third place at the recent FIBA-Asia. Our Manila-West Team has finally won the FIBA 3x3 here in Manila and now a charity and exhibition game to be at the Araneta Coliseum where games are cancel due on telecommunication mogul as expected to have a two-days exhibition games against the FIBR NBA All-Star Selection for the preparation in the FIBA World Basketball in Spain.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

San Antonio Spurs takes the Game 1 of this year championship

Is the San Antonio Spurs taking a redemption from the last championship as they take as advantage where Lebron James having the cramps. Hmmm! The NBA Finals on 7 game series. Anything could be possible maybe a tie or lead to Miami Heat. Knowing that Tim Duncan could take his 5th NBA Championship that will part as one of the NBA Hall of Famers could be one of the best NBA Players ever. On Game 2 of the NBA Finals between San Antonio Spurs could be 2-0 or 1-1 to Miami Heat telecast to ABS-CBN or Basketball TV.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Pacquiao regains championship against Bradley

Most respected, inspired to watch a revenge against Timothy Bradley that would inspire me to good also on the sport that also my health maintenance that I am having at present. Putting himself as one of the greatest fighters of all time, Well Public-Servant in the province of Saranggani manages to have a preparation for a revenge match after their last encounter. Manny Pacquiao and regain himself as Pound for Pound King as he revenge himself against Timothy Bradley on their first encounter. Congratulation Manny Pacquiao! late post although the fight held last April looking forward for your up and coming fight. Hoping to fight will push against Floyd Mayweather or on the fifth time against Juan Manuel Marquez on a revenge fight. Filipinos are looking forward for a possible match either Mayweather or Marquez on fifth time.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Michael Martinez placed 19th at Sochi Winter Olympics

Knowing that Philippines is a tropical country and we don't have any snow but there is a 17-year old, A lone representative in figure skating takes his chances on a Olympic Dream here in Sochi Games his name is Michael Martinez, placed 19th Overall in Men's Figure Skating event. We have other Filipino contingent but they have represent USA and Canada but Michael Martinez is a one of kind athlete that he will do everything to fulfill his dream to make mark on figure- skating, although that he can do figure skating routine on the mall.
His performance earned a lot of support and respect from our country men through the social media websites that to take Philippines knowing that this Tropical Country to put on top 20 in Men's Figure Skating.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Pacquiao vs. Bradley Rematch this April

The first encounter for most Filipinos where not convince with Timothy Bradley win. Wait no more! After a win over Brandon Rios last year , gaining confidence to have a re-match against Timothy Bradley regain a win back to him the championship belt, In which that win that time. This April, Top Rank Promotions is  set  to rematch between Pacquiao vs. Bradley to give the Filipino fans a convincing win. Filipinos watched their first encounter were Timothy Bradley won, on post fight, Timothy Bradley is on the wheel chair? Hmmm...  Unconvincing win that Timothy Bradley on their first encounter. Finally this is the revenge most of the came as an event to prove the fight between Pacquiao vs. Bradley will answer most of the question "who is the real winner?"