Thursday, December 17, 2009

"It's hard to trust someone this time"

I know it's difficult to trust someone with regards in handling my credentials in different providers here around in Manila. It's hard to forgive someone to those people whom they trying to divulged my credibility as a person. It's different because a bigger damage of accusing "being a thief" without showing some evidence to proof that you are a thief. A friendship and trust to a colleague well it's hard to earned because of big damage on my name and as a person to. It's sounds personal but my career was affected because of this accusation. I'm put this one to God Almighty for his guidance and hoping this Christmas to clear everything especially my name being as a Blogger. My former officemates know me that I'm just my duty here inside the office. I have the clear conscience to show that I have no intentions to harm any officemates inside the office. I can also related to my past experience with my previous deployments but it is already settled by my officemates. It is a technically experience you are person to performed a project or task in an organization whether it is a telcom,food and beverage,manufacturing or real estate, The performance will count like your working behavior inside the office. You know that's why you are working for your own living but someone who accusing without malicious evidence.

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