Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thyroid Operation

During the holyweek break, I feel his God's prescence and he give me the sign that I should be undergo surgery on my thyroid because this is an only way to continue to serve and my provide some IT solutions to my customers. It will be my tenth time to put myself on a surgery this time on my thyroid. I have heard prayers from the companies that I have served as Programmer/Contractor and Program Implementer. Some of my collegues said that If Xinapse would not allow my conditions to be implemented upon my health condition then it's better to have my forced resignation will occured, After my surgery and fulfill recover then that's time I can start myself as a healthy as I am if the projects is open and needed a VB/VBA Excel macro Consultant needed. From Altrion,FLI,Coca-Cola,BFS ,P&G and EPLDT-IPlus former superiors, teammates and office mates express their support and prayers for a successful operation and speedy recovery. to my former classmates and friends express their support on my operation that I should relax myself if your condition on Xinapse will not be implemented and raising unsolicited issues upon my health condition then a forced resignation will occur for me to give myself a long time rest. I believe that my previous employers will open it's doors for me a new project if possible after that I am fully recover.

Tomorrow, I'll be on my doctor for some discussion with regards on the thyroid operation then the talk to Xinapse Inc. unto to the discussion to be made regarding on my working status with them. By Tuesday, I am now at University of Santo Tomas Hospital for them to do my thyroid operation. Please pray for the successful operation and speedy recovery. These prayers will make me stronger person that I can be

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