Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm Back as a Programmer

We'll despite of the major operation I had at the thyroidectomy held at the UST Hospital. I had an offer which is suitable to my needs so far so good at least. As of my freelance projects, Well I had to communicate with my client today if he is here regarding the two websites that I'm building. Please do extend patience on due to my personal difference that I'm encountering in my work place but I'll be moving out to this place really soon and look for a working area that will able to continue providing web and system development services. Everything is okay at this moment. An extensive support for the success of my projects in the future. At least that I am happy for my resumption as a Programmer will come all the way. Thank you! and continue for your support that you've given me this pass 2 months because I'm undergoing also a thyroid replacement therapy. I know that I felt hatred with my family as you've read to my previous post ever. I know that they are not helpful for my therapy ever especially to my monster mother and my demon brother ever... Oh! they might kill me. Anyway! I'll be communicating with my client on Thursday regarding the websites because I have to finish the ring-design website and to coordinate this with my client by Thursday.

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