Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Stand up and free from sickness

After the results made on the biopsy, the doctors decided to have a surgery on my thyroid, A major risk move for me in the course of a project with my employer here in Greenhills. For me, I was depress but what' s makes good for me is I can pursue my system development if they would allow me to do this project at home. I am expected this will be happening to me because based on my research on hyperthyroidism, the surgery will be the best solution. During my younger days, I was hospitalized due to a mass on breast or even my tonsil before and now my thyroid. I was grateful enough that doing freelance work will not effect on my condition but my employment in Annapolis, Greenhills has major effect because you have to report M-F from (9am-7pm) 9 hours, I was thankful that my former colleagues before with BFS and Coca-Cola offer a support for me even my former schoolmates before a big support and my family of course.

Pray and support me for a speedy recovery for the thyroid. This will be difficult for me on my part but with the lesson that I have learn from the late master rapper that you have to stand up whatever you're condition and do what is best to be productive even when you are at home.

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