Thursday, September 24, 2009

Krrunch Time at the Office

On my daily deployments at present, whenever I had the Total thyroidectomy operation last April of this year it doesn't matter, I had my pringles on my workstation, I can do any job or task that my immediate will ask me to do, at least I have something to eat on my workstation. Pringles is one of my best snacks I had during my break time inside the office of course during office hours there are lots of activities need to accomplished on the same day, What I did was during break time I buy Pringles or even going home, I usually have Krrunch Time at the FX so that I might not get irritated at the Traffic usually at Rosario Pasig City or work. I had my Krrunch Time and fine great time with Pringles on the daily basis that we have to finish all the tasks within a day. 

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