Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pangasinan Great Run Half Marathon

The countdown begins now to have the great half marathon  that you may discover great nature of Lingayen Pangasinan as 3U Runners and The Province of Pangasinan present to you the Pangasinan Great Run. For all the  interested runners want to join for the event just see on Facebook page PangasinanGreatRun for details.

Eat Bulaga @33rd Anniversary

Another milestone for the Eat Bulaga for airing the Philippine Television for 33 years. First on the history that the longest variety show is franchise to the Indonesia that will give more on their milestone stint on a variety show. Ever since on my childhood days I've grew with Eat Bulaga with the laugh trips that made on the Filipino people happy and entertained. And now on it's 33rd years a nonstop show for giving surprises to give for the victims of the habagat victims. The TAPE Inc. revealed that SCTV to have  the positive values to give the audience to entertained. Also as part of their 33rd Anniversary. The Eat Bulaga Indonesia c/o SCTV send also relief donations for the victims on typhoon habagat. If you missed the show that Eat Bulaga Philippines meet Eat Bulaga Indonesia. Here is a video from forevereatbulaga:

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rexona Run 2012 moved on September 23

Onto the typhoon habagat rages here in the Philippines, the event will moved on August 12, 2012 to September 23, 2012 to give the Runrio Inc. led by: Coach Rio providing the relief operation at the affected areas including also in Marikina that would feel the spirit of bayanihan here in the Philippines. Also the 30th Birthday it could be a different activity that could be unexpected to have some changes on the schedule that my races between Pangasinan Great Run and Run United 3 . I am turning 30 tomorrow, a different birthday activities that I'll be attending tomorrow, First, having my donations led by: Unilab Active Health Runners Race to Action at BGC in Taguig City that I am also a runner. Of Course, I had cash donation that VMobile is having also their relief operations also to the Typhoon Habagat victims. Attending mass and the usual having a small gathering with my family that my could ever had a birthday wish to get back as himself and continue training that I could succeed further for the September races line-up for this year plus sustaining not just my finances on our house renovation also my lifetime medicine also. At the eve on my 30th birthday that my two singlets that I have recently joined donate on the Unilab Runners Ran for the Action held in the Bonifacio Global City that could be meaningful for me on my birthday.Though we have small gathering with my family here in our home that will give small appreciation for them on my 30th Birthday Celebration. Though my previous birthday that I haven't accomplished before had the notebook that I'll be continue my writings and advocacy to share to my readers interest on what I have experience or promoting a small business that it could an income making for me that could support financially the basic needs we want and need to sustained with aside from our bills that I have consistent paying and my lifetime medicine also that is one of a high priority. Yeah! after I had the RUN United 3 with my brother. My brother still on the 3 hours and I would be the last to finish the race. In Rexona 2012 having the 3:57:17 on my time that it takes more time to improve further and being listed as one of the marathoners here in the Philippines.