Sunday, May 23, 2010

"I am overwhelmed and grateful that I found the right working environment for me"

I thought that it was the end of it but for me when I saw the software development firm here in Ayala Avenue Makati City. I know that it very hard to loose a work again, at least I found out here already in my new office. I never thought this warm welcome for me that's why I put more effort on the task that I am working in and finally successfully done the task last Friday and now for the quality assurance check, hope it work on Monday that nice! Another thing that I would appreciate that they are friendly and understanding not a hard-headed person that they can be unlike in the past four-months that I had encounter a terrible stress ever just along the Pasig area that's it. Anyway, since in my previous post that I'm supposed to go either Cagayan De Oro or Camiguin for a summer vacation instead with my younger brother went to Club Manila East here in our place for an hour of swimming, in exchange for going to Cagayan De Oro this summer, a gift of encountering struggle this past four months. Yesterday, I was supposed to have my thyroid replacement check-up but I am disappointed because they cannot accommodate for my check-up yesterday but I do moved it on next Saturday(hope to have extra budget for my transportation because when I was going to St.Luke's Hospital here in Quezon City, a mistake when a use a taxi instead of jeep going to St. Luke's that's why I had experience short again in my expense uh! terrible weekend for me, that's why I am asking my younger brother for his assistance my thyroid replacement check-up this next Saturday. Well that's the whole week that was full of hectic schedule for that week.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Latest Album from Lady Gaga

The debut of the "Poker Face" last year that makes her on top of the billboard charts in the US, This year "Bad Romance" makes on top this year with another smashing video but this time a feat with Beyonce("Telephone"). Here is the Official Music Video By: Lady Gaga feat Beyonce  Telephone