Thursday, August 27, 2009

Terminator Salvation the movie watching on DVD

Watching on cinemas is one expensive things that I cannot afford in because it costs hundreds in all cinemas around the Metro Manila. Lucky during our fiesta last August 23, 2009 here in our village, my brother had a chance to buy the copy of this movie to our market. I get the chance to watch on our dvd at home. The first I saw the story on fighting the terminator during 2018, People where fighting for survival on the evil forces of skynet. An individual came name Markus Wright from that year 2018. Markus Wright was one of the charged of a crime that he was judged to a death penalty at present but he was wondering why he went to 2018 though he thought that he was already executed in lethal injection, but that time he was wondering why I am still alive at 2018. The time i watch this movie, I was wondering what wil happen in the year 2018, i don't know for this one. I'm appreciated on the special effects and cinematography.

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