Saturday, April 25, 2009

A week of therapy after the operation

Of course, I have to take a thyroid hormone medicine for the thyroid replacement for life. But I do believe miracles occurred during my deepest darkest hour in my whole entire life. By Wednesday, I'll be having my TSH,FT4 and Calcium at the Medical City for an evaluation to see if I'll be undergoing a thyroid hormone medication for life. Miracles will occur thou your continuously support and prayers that God is within me. I know that, Because I've trusted him so much. I believe that he saved my life, he answer my prayers. Now I can go to the church alone. Tomorrow, I'll be trying to walk from my place to Manila East here in Taytay Rizal. During my childhood days upto today to travel along the places here in Philippines and abroad. I'm keep on praying that this is not the end after the operation happened at the UST. A HolyWeek break before I'll be admitting myself to the UST Hospital helped me a lot because I've been some signs that my life is on danger during my employment here in Xinapse Inc. I have falling hair when I comb my hair by myself, I can't swallow the food that I usually ate, I usually get tired and having a hard time to speak to people around me. But now, I can breathe easily, no falling hair occured when i comb my hair and etc... Well, I have a week of rest after the procedure then there is another week coming for me to bring back the usual things I do before. Right Now, I'm bringing back my web and system development skills back to normal. I try to do walking alone in the morning from my house-Manila East and having a lot of rest and sleep. I am looking forward to report on May 4, 2009 at the office to patch things one up the projects that are aligned to me. I am continously research on the medical internet about the surgical report made by the pathologist and my general surgeon at the UST. I am also looking forward to reunite to my peers and collegues before just to celebrate that I have finally survived. More Projects to come....

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