Thursday, April 23, 2015

You have Medicard why worry?

Hopefully that I could have when the work granted a requirement as hypothyroid patient has lifetime medicine and check-up that you need to pay expertise of your doctor! Companies consider as their compensation HMO on serving their employment or running a business that you can pay the maximum fee of their plan. On my experience that I was also a #Medicard HMO when my Father is still alive I had great access of check-up, laboratory and doctors has great expertise up to present. Worry like me is I need to have accommodate check-up to do lifetime and you need an access also will not burden your expense considering that I am hypothyroid patient needed more medical attention to my endocrinologist. For almost 28 years in this industry #Medicard saw this cases upon needed their medical attention that Now they can avail their membership for Php1,988. Wow! #28years rendering excellent health service to all that could mean helpful also on my end.