Sunday, November 4, 2012

"A long Weekend"

I take this advantage to have more sleep and prepare myself more as expected. Soon to be as marathoners, I have gain on the cycling and jogging at least 2 to 3 times a week because I want to attend the remaining two races before the 2012 ends. We'll happy because a great move that you've seen from me on mycontinousjourney. Expected that I'm just an each away to fulfill my dreams come true that most of my efforts has good impression.On my 1 1/2 rest just to help my younger brother to assist my father who is suffering from severe attack and Demenia, actually I had my difficulty to look and assist him. I enjoyed my 21 back-to- back -to -back races, more friends yes just to ease my stress on my previous work (Moreton Bay Technology). Exploring myself on how to promote my Start Your VMobile on how to catch the audience attention on they will do the business, just provide a FaceBook like page on the site. I just attend mass today just in praying for beloved love one's passed way on both sides then I also attend Sunday Mass with our church with Archbishop Gabriel Reyes of Antipolo for the installation of the new parish priest in our parish.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cha-Cha Dance with Ryzza Mae Dizon@EatBulaga

How just wondering coming from a win in the recent Little Miss Philippines that Ryzza Mae Dizon will catch the Filipino audiences as the longest noontime show ever not just here in the Philippines, also here in Indonesia. I have been watching Eat Bulaga since I had a rest for three months, I notice there are similarities between Ryzza Mae Dizon and Aiza Seguerra, although she went to Little Miss Philippines as one of the finalist but she has already got their attention of the millions watching during her time while Ryzza Mae almost the same with the CHA-CHA Dance seen on the TV and doing the dance with Derek Ramsey also part of the CHA-CHA Dance EB Dance ShowDown . Oh! coming along way to be one of the future child wonders we have on Philippine TV and Philippine Cinema. For me, almost stress reliever that could ease my stress that I have encountered for the past six months. Eat Bulaga had came long way to produce an artist a long way as Aiza Seguerra made on her 25th year here in this Entertainment Industry.Now, that she has The Ryzza Mae Show at 11:30ahe om spot on before the Eat Bulaga. No wonder that she is the child sensation that hit a lot of children especially the old ones on her jokes and funny antics that could give the GMA Network still the no one station on the other TV station nationwide.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Support for Jinoe Gavan

As the Vaseline Men Xterra World Championship that will seek for the Triathletes that will represent our country that will make it to Maui Hawaii. Just watch on the nine episode of their try-outson youtube/vaseline then vote for the remaining the two triathletes that will make it to Vaseline Men Xterra World Championship. Vote know and give your Founder Jinoe Gavan for the two triathletes that will give his opportunity to represent our country to this competition also you will have a chance to win Php50,000 cash. See more on the details just click on to the website. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

2013 Fiba- Asian Championship in Lebanon

Despite our national want to be part again as the best of the best in the world and hopefully will qualify on the next Summer Olympics and World Championship that will be on 2014 in Spain that the Samahang Basketball ng Pilipinas Director Manny V. Pangilinan shows an alternative content of the Philippines to be the next host of the FIBA Asian Cup. But the Philippines loses it's bid to host the next year's FIBA-Asia Qualifiers to Lebanon. The Philippines on it's back on the building the new team for incoming preparation on the next FIBA-Asian Cup 2013 with our SMART-Gilas Philippines National Team headed  by: Coach Chot Reyes. Hoping to have better and stronger players to represent the countryin, having our chances to qualify and play once again in the 2014 FIBA World Championship and possible to the Summer Olympics.

Friday, September 28, 2012

A convenient profit or capital to start a business

To make more more money it's not a sin for the Entrepreneur or the Technopreneur to keep ourselves to strive more financially and keen to have an another funding your sources for your future. Profit is one of the requisite in building a business. A proven business for most of Filipinos that will surely have the return of investment guaranteed. It's called VMobile Technologies where you can sell prepaid loads on the different networks. You may visit the website it's StartyourVMobileNow and get to see how to business works better from the Php 300.00 start  or Php 4999 to Php 500,000 or more. Just send any post or feedback here.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fiba Asia 2012

As a dream of the Philippine Basketball on the FIBA-World Championship now, the competition that get more tougher for the SMART Gilas Pilipinas 2.0 headed by: Chot Reyes that made us champion in the recent Jones Cup 2012, made LA Tenorio as the FINALS MVP. We know that recent 4th Place finish also in the FIBA-Asia where Asi Taulava, Jimmy Alapag and Kelly Williams where part of the team that unexpected better players from the other teams that there some news that our team deserves to be part on the 2008 Beijing Olympics where the teams belongs to Group A whom they where strongest players that will conquerer the Asian Basketball. Now, they are on the 4th Place again, a moral boost to make it good for the next FIBA-ASIA Qualifiers.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pangasinan Great Run Half Marathon

The countdown begins now to have the great half marathon  that you may discover great nature of Lingayen Pangasinan as 3U Runners and The Province of Pangasinan present to you the Pangasinan Great Run. For all the  interested runners want to join for the event just see on Facebook page PangasinanGreatRun for details.

Eat Bulaga @33rd Anniversary

Another milestone for the Eat Bulaga for airing the Philippine Television for 33 years. First on the history that the longest variety show is franchise to the Indonesia that will give more on their milestone stint on a variety show. Ever since on my childhood days I've grew with Eat Bulaga with the laugh trips that made on the Filipino people happy and entertained. And now on it's 33rd years a nonstop show for giving surprises to give for the victims of the habagat victims. The TAPE Inc. revealed that SCTV to have  the positive values to give the audience to entertained. Also as part of their 33rd Anniversary. The Eat Bulaga Indonesia c/o SCTV send also relief donations for the victims on typhoon habagat. If you missed the show that Eat Bulaga Philippines meet Eat Bulaga Indonesia. Here is a video from forevereatbulaga:

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rexona Run 2012 moved on September 23

Onto the typhoon habagat rages here in the Philippines, the event will moved on August 12, 2012 to September 23, 2012 to give the Runrio Inc. led by: Coach Rio providing the relief operation at the affected areas including also in Marikina that would feel the spirit of bayanihan here in the Philippines. Also the 30th Birthday it could be a different activity that could be unexpected to have some changes on the schedule that my races between Pangasinan Great Run and Run United 3 . I am turning 30 tomorrow, a different birthday activities that I'll be attending tomorrow, First, having my donations led by: Unilab Active Health Runners Race to Action at BGC in Taguig City that I am also a runner. Of Course, I had cash donation that VMobile is having also their relief operations also to the Typhoon Habagat victims. Attending mass and the usual having a small gathering with my family that my could ever had a birthday wish to get back as himself and continue training that I could succeed further for the September races line-up for this year plus sustaining not just my finances on our house renovation also my lifetime medicine also. At the eve on my 30th birthday that my two singlets that I have recently joined donate on the Unilab Runners Ran for the Action held in the Bonifacio Global City that could be meaningful for me on my birthday.Though we have small gathering with my family here in our home that will give small appreciation for them on my 30th Birthday Celebration. Though my previous birthday that I haven't accomplished before had the notebook that I'll be continue my writings and advocacy to share to my readers interest on what I have experience or promoting a small business that it could an income making for me that could support financially the basic needs we want and need to sustained with aside from our bills that I have consistent paying and my lifetime medicine also that is one of a high priority. Yeah! after I had the RUN United 3 with my brother. My brother still on the 3 hours and I would be the last to finish the race. In Rexona 2012 having the 3:57:17 on my time that it takes more time to improve further and being listed as one of the marathoners here in the Philippines.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rexona Run 2012 my pre-training updates

I am looking forward to this event to even more memorable not just for my 30th Birthday that the best birthday for me proven that I am an ultramarathoner on my end will be ultimate goal that will open the opportunity to be part with Ayala Triads that's will give me more trainings for the long distance plus gaining more friends that could live my passion with them into running. My social skills further to improve also with my present work but also other daily activities aside from being an IT Professionals that from the most of my former officemates that I should balance personal from your profession = from your social life.  I had also three rounds yesterday and another round for tomorrow for this running event preparation until Saturday.I don't want to give up the sport that with me just like in the Information Technology that no one is a quitter. If the middle of the race you quit, in your persona you are a looser that will keep my motto in every race that I joined you have the determination to finish every race that you've joined to finish it.  Although my Friday seems it rainy again that I should another round of running at the ULTRA Oval Track after office but it was move yesterday to have biking but unfortunately I had to do have market to have possible to eat. Ughhh!!! I hate it so much.... hmmmm!!!! that's why I want to go with my group mates further instead of staying of home a lot. I was including my brother to joined but I have problems with his attitude he might ask something that could be expensive that I will not able to give it.(I manage to have a schedule myself on preparing my race after work of course also including with the running team that my former officemate join in that will keep myself on pace on work over my personal life)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

2012 London Olympics

Fast- approaching that the 2012 London Olympics so some where expecting that the Philippines can have a Gold-Medal performance here to our country. Although the full coverage is with the Sports TV-5 with full-support in our Philippine Delegation to have a gold-medal performance ever to have the conquest since our country entered in the Olympics last 1924. A full coverage by Sports TV-5 that will bring to you live coverage from the opening ceremonies and games especially our support for our Philippine Team. A full-support on our Philippine Team that will boost their confidence to produce a medal performance or even the conquest to have a first ever gold medal that our country is expecting. For our the athletes on our Philippine Delegation to compete in this prestigious event to have in very four years representing our country that a full-support from our end that will boost their confidence to have a better performance in this coming 2012 Olympics. My full support on our Philippine Team. We have already the opening ceremonies for 2012 held almost in London and what an eve for our delegation. Here's one of the highlights of the opening Olympics games here on YouTube you can watch the opening ceremonies:

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pacquiao vs. Bradley (Rematch)?

Unconvincing win over Manny Pacquiao on their first encounter was given a lot if issues that Manny Pacquiao should retain his WBO Welterweight Championship, The investigation found out that their is a game-fixed for having a possible a rematch and November 10, 2012, It will regain the confidence of Filipinos that the boxing is one of the sport that give us numerous achievements not just with Manny Pacquiao but the other Filipino boxing champions e.g Luisito Espinosa, Gerry Penalosa and etc.... Although the Filipino's wanted this November a Pacquiao vs. MayWeather fight that will push on the first quarter of 2013. This November 10, 2012 that will give justice to their first encounter that will regain the confidence to this sport for the Filipino fans that Manny Pacquiao will regain his WBO Welterweight Championship Belt on his name in a clean with no game-fixing on the fight itself. On the updates based on the news we had on GMA News, still we had Pacquiao vs. Marquez 4 that will set on this November at MGM Las Vegas Nevada, just to show proof whose the real pound for pound fighter of all time. Also an upcoming and looking forward the match against MayWeather by next year, as long that the shares for the Pacquiao for this fight will be 45% vs.MayWeather 55% based on the Los Angeles Times| Sports.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Salamat Mang Dolphy! A tribute to the Comedy King of Philippine Showbiz

Rodolfo Vera Quizon Sr. or well-known as "Dolphy" passed away last July 10, 2012 at the Makati Medical City Hospital at around 8:34pm. He was succumbed on the "Multiple Organ failure secondary to complications brought about severe pneumonia, Chronic cbstructive pulmonary disease and acute renal failure. The colorful 83 years turning 84 this July 25, 2012 on and off camera that would made as the "The Comedy King".His career was wonderful showbiz career though I was also a fan of Home Along Da Riles TV sitcoms and movies. A remarkable performance as Walter Dempster Jr./Walterina Markova in Markova "The Comfort Gay" together with is two sons Eric Quizon and Epi Quizon as they've won as the Brussels International Film Awards and Seattle Gay and Lesbian Film Awards back in 2001. A meaningful that he has shared with the Filipinos worldwide, A man with Tondo Manila with his good deeds and humility to help others for those who need help, a God-fearing person that every struggle as he experience that he never stop praying to ask his guidance and affection to continue to make people happy as always.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Team Philippines Go for the Gold this London Olympic 2012

A month away from our Philippine Team to the 2012 Summer Olympic Games here in Paris London. Hmmm! I just wondering how our country is preparing for this event that will happened in every four years. Is there any fund raising projects held for the athletes, hmmm. I believe that the MVP Sports Foundation headed by: Manny V. Pangilinan had a suntok ginto project for the Philippine Boxing Team because our medal hopes is still in boxing, still our extensive support is with this sport and other sports that our Philippine Team is competing this London Summer Olympic Games 2012. We have still few athletes who were qualified on their pre-qualifying tournaments on before these 2012 London Olympics that will give them best shot that our conquest for ever first gold medal Since the Philippine delegation entered the Olympics at 1924. Then after Mansueto "Onyok" Velasco bags the silver (almost the gold medal performance) in the Atlanta Olympics wasn't even followed that one during the Sydney Olympics and Beijing Olympics that a medal drought performance for us Filipinos. Hoping to have a medal winning performance this coming 2012 London Olympics though our few delegation from our Philippine Team to give us the very first gold medal performance.   For the 11 Athletes whom they qualify before the Olympics wishing Good Luck and have medal performance for the Philippines, an experience that most the athletes could make soar high from the history of  sports ever.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Difficulty on 21km never quits and continue the race

Most of the events that I have joined was between 10km or 5km, We'll just to have a recovery run so that I could myself. This experience gives me a challenge aside from 22km Ultimate Trail Run at the north face 100 Philippines held in Baguio City. Hmmm! that would give me more challenge on upcoming races that will test my endurance and agility that will ever improve my time that will determine that I have already finished the race more faster than the usual. It will more practice that will give you more challenge as the top-marathoners we have.of course, I'm having my third leg until the Philippine Marathon also the same category hoping that the weather will be okey and not the worse weather that could ever experience. Also for the   Rexona Run 2012, Pangasinan Great Run and Cam Sur Marathon. It is great to start a long-distance races without quitting because I really want to excel more here on this sport that would help also relief myself more on my work as a Software Developer and with my family also. An experience that also prepare myself also to the new leg for the Run United for the first ever Philippine Marathon.

Monday, May 21, 2012

BMEG LLAMADOS, 2012 PBA Comissioner's Cup Champs

Who we have that taught BMEG DERBY ACE LLAMADOS rages supreme once again in 2012 PBA Commissioner's Cup against the more experience Talk and Text Phone Pals. First of all, Congrats! also to Tim Cone for winning another title after his glorious days with Alaska. A successful Commissioner's Cup it was. No wonder that the BMEG DERBY ACE LLAMADOS(former Purefoods) will continue their winning streak as the PBA Governor's Cup is coming. Hmmm! Did James Yap pulled out more three point shots as he did back in 2006 that is why they've won PBA CHAMPIONSHIP under Coach Ryan Gregorio, it could be. We all know his expertise on the outside shooting that helped also for winning the championship.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

"The Avengers Movie" a blockbusters here in Manila

Now I know why some people that If watched the Avengers will have no regrets to watch just for the whole weekend. Hmmm! I have also watched last Friday after office work because it is gonna be a weekend. People appreciated more than expected as the story, cinematography and the special effects that make this movie a sure hit and that's why they've earn $103 million in just weekend. That could be amazing that those people watched that movie and appreciate on the comedy antics of IRON MAN himself(Robert Downey). Wow! This could be a certified box hit. and looking forward to have an another Avengers movie soon. I know that this movie is clicked and entertained most of their fans here in Philippines with their memorable tumbler's and t-shirts that will keep most of the fans that they've watched their movie with a shoe string budget that will suite for their entertainment lifestyle that this movie is clicked here and abroad.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Jessica Sanchez on American Idol 2012

We are keeping our fingers cross that Jessica could make this far as one of the top o four finalist in this year's American Idol. Now wonder why is the media is more concentrated on the NAIA's incident rather than our kababayan made it to the top4 here in the American Idol that more than usual as Filipino's expected to become the first Filipino American to win the American Idol. I know that American's won't happened that Jessica Sanchez is a Filipina and they wanted an American citizen to win this competition, Hmmm! Any competition that there could be possible depends on the performance of all the singers in this competition. Hmmm! How can I help her to win this competition? An extensive campaign to gain more votes more that will emerge more to be the 2012 American IDOL.  Now she is know on the top 3 as expected. The campaign all over the Facebook and other social media websites that we Filipinos can vote for her online. We check on the history , Jasmine Trias to Thia Mejia, we could even given support on them when they are competing on American Idol but now we are keep ourselves close that Jessica make it as the 2012 American Idol. Congratulation to you Jessica Sanchez, still your the American Idol for us

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Floyd MayWeather bags the WBA Super Welterweight Belt

As expected that the match between Miguel Cotto and Floyd MayWeather Jr. is more than the usual match he does when he bags the WBA Super WelterWeight ChampionShip Belt against Miguel Cotto. Hmmm! People seems the expected match that they want and also test that who is the real pound-for-pound king for this era. When will be the Pacquiao vs. MayWeather fight will push through? Some of the Pacquiao fans is expecting the usual match Pacquiao vs. Bradley for the WBO Welterweight Title that will be also at the MGM Grand Las Vegas Nevada. Most of Pacquiao's want A Pacquiao vs. MayWeather will push on before he retires in boxing and concentrate being a Bible Ambassador that will also lessen worries on his condition as a boxer that we all know that Boxing is a dangerous sport. I have watched interviews on Floyd MayWeather Jr. even in the past that he still pressumed that he is the Pound for Pound King although Rep. Manny Pacquaio proved he is the Pound for Pound King, people want to see them fight together and see who is the real Pound for Pound King. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

BMEG vs TalknText for the PBA Comissioner's Cup 2012 Title

Two of the strongest are gunning for the 2012 PBA Commissioners Cup Title know that the series is 2-2 between B-MEG Llamados vs.Talk ‘N Text Tropang Texters know the supremacy was being tested to the well known also hall of fame coaches Tim Cone and Chot Reyes. A tale of two coaches Tim Cone and Chot Reyes also part of the coaching staff at Alaska Tim during the 90's, served as an assistant coach in the year 1993. And in the 1994 he was Purefoods Tender Juicy Giants with the PBA Hall of Famers Alvin Patrimonio and Jerry Codiñera. Know that this match will be interesting as the Talk N' text is know eyeing also for the Grand-slam or will Tim Cone will make another remarkable mark or championship with another team(BMEG) after their glorious days with the Alaska.

Time Management on your part-time business from your full-time profession

For some direct-selling business that will help also for the Filipinos that they want more convenient life for their respective families that will be also support for their basic commodities(food, clothes and etc...) We know that they work on full-time that could practice that we've achieved during our college days and further. Here are some tips on how to balance yourself on your part-time business from your full-time work.

  1. Not all times, that you will really give up your social life just to focus on your direct-selling or retailing business that you have. Some direct-selling business said that you have to work it very hard just for their profession so that you can earn experience and your formal practice on your expertise example, engineering, programming and etc... Just manage your schedules for your social life, part-time business and your profession. Of Course if there are events that you're a closest friend initiated and you think that you gonna make it or not. Check your schedules first be fore you initiated your commitment.
  2. Of Course, the salaries that you will consider as your investment, that is why we have a part-time business so that one you invest will have the ROI(Return Of Investment) more than the usual salaries that you've earned from your usual on your respective companies from here and abroad.
  3.  Be an open-minded person that you have your goals and dreams for your families. Knowing that you can also be open to fulfill your financial support for your families on your future also. Some companies that would possible will give you the right salary for your convenient life.
  4. Lastly, study further your business, how explore more and marketable that will able to convince the people around you on business that you have will no regret and having convenient life.
 I know it's not normal that your earning millions from the usual salary bracket that you have from your profession e.g Senior Programmer with 4-5 years experience that you are earning from  20000-40000 from your project that you are doing from the respective solution provider that will give you a convenient life. On our present life, it's happening on my end but with the right part-time business without any pressure or stress free that you will earn more.  

Sunday, April 29, 2012

The North Face 100 Experience

The experience in finishing the 22km trail run here in Camp John Hay here in Benguet Baguio was happiest experience that could ever forget this 2012 on my first trail run that accumulate my overall time of 3:17:54. I consider that their a lot of difficulty on the race track that time that it took as a challenge to be a better runners. Looking for the next year The North Face 100 Asia Pacific Series next year.  Race Track over the mounts of Benguet, Baguio is breath taking for me that when I overlook the 22km race track it looks like a 50km race track that some of the runners give a lot of confusion where do they go from that track? Hmmm! I experience that a lot from these race. Quite tricky although 22km trail race track give us the racers to pass it but the risk was there and all of the runners with the different categories where surpass it. I consider a wonderful vacation I had because my office had plans for me to put on-shore development soon so I had to grab this opportunity.

Monday, April 16, 2012



"If I lost everything and had to start again, I would find myself a great network marketing company and get to work!"
- Donald Trump

I have studied a lot of ways on how to convince myself on how to market this product to all knowing that my work anytime that I can be on-shore(meaning out of the country) or we don't know yet. Trainings on VMOBILE Incorporated. There are many ways how to your business fly more knowing that this more on the telecommunication side on the prepaid accounts plus the trainings on the technical side that could give more advantage to market the reloading business that most people could see that would be more affordable to the Filipinos who want to be sure millionaires but in their own respective ways. Believing in their advocacy that all Filipinos believe in empowerment through technology, on to latest gadgets are in-demand these days are viable business opportunities to all the entrepreneurs or technopreneurs to realize their dreams could be possible.

One thing for sure, that convinces me a lot to join here in this reloading business that I'll be taking advantage of. Actually in reality it happens because I take this VMobile reloading business as part-time although I am still a Software Developer/Blogger too. Mi advocacy will also helped a lot in promoting this business on the Social Media, that will also open for the bloggers who would like also to venture to this business aside from the blogs that they've created. According to Robert T. Kiyosaki, Entrepreneur and Author that  "If you are a person with big dreams and would love to support others in achieving their big dreams, then the networking marketing business is definitely a business for you. You can start your business part-time at first and then as your business grows, you can help others  people start their part-time business. This is a value worth having -  a business and people who help others make their dreams come true". 


Thursday, April 12, 2012

A commemorating 3rd Year Anniversary on total thyroidectomy surgery in 2009

Now wonder, that I have finally surpass for the past three years on my surgery back in 2009. Yeah! after the surgery we'll I do taking also supplement to support on thyroid replacement, for me it was difficult last in 2009-2011 although that time when I'm doing projects for the Globe Telecommunication in 2009 it quite regaining my skills back. Now I'm returning back to my endocrinologist here in the Medical City in Pasig, the results where okey for me, I have to maintain to have more stock on my Thyrax and Vitamins further and I'll put running as one of my therapy that would help normalize myself and I.. Thank you to my former officemates on Bahay Financial Sevices, Proctor and Gamble Philippines IDS-ADM/GDM, EPLDT-IPlus Intelligent Network and Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines Inc. for giving an extensive prayers plus the support on to surpass these surgery. Thank you also to the Information System Group-Globe Telecommunication for giving the opportunity to bring back my technical skills further back. I know that these year, a lot of opportunity came to have a reloading business which is the VMobile at present. Still, I have to patched further on the missed years when I ahd as a Software Developer. Thank you to Xinapse Inc. I know that it wasn't convenient for me to go in your office back then but an opportunity to have an accomplish project is okay for me but support and prayers that it was blessed for me to get back. One thing I have learned on the BOM-VMobile is Focus. For me, I have to focus of what I have at present andwork double time to achieve this. Also before I really forget, my schoolmates back in LaCo-Pasig who had just came in the Philippines to surpass these operation actually some of my batchmates where in the Medical Profession at present and my closest friends who are still there at present although our communication is online for their extensive support.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

36th National Milo Marathon Schedules

Every Run has it's dream and purpose to achieve to become a champion. All running enthusiast, professsional runners tool a closer looks for the elimination rounds at your area that could give you're time to prepare for these event.

July 01 – Baguio
July 08 – Dagupan
July 15 – Tarlac
July 22 – Angeles
July 29 – Manila Eliminations
August 19 – Naga
September 02 – San Pablo
September 16 – Batangas
September 23 – Puerto Princesa
September 30 – Tagbilaran
October 07 – Cebu
October 14 – Bacolod
October 28 – Iloilo
November 04 – General Santos
November 11 – Davao
November 18 – Butuan
November 25 – Cagayan De Oro
December 09 – Milo Marathon Finals Manila

Based from :

Sunday, April 8, 2012

HolyWeek 2012

Manila Cathderal  Stressed at the hospital. yeah! you have it. We actually don't know what we are going to do. Quite difficult to have a one member of the family is suffering know from the Dementia. The consequence of this is ourselves is on sacrifice just take care of one member of the family. Come and think of it that two members of our family needed to take good care of Diabetes, catarata and Hypothyroid , hmm how was that? A needed more stressed free solution on this is occurred that seeing an another expert from that sickness will be the solution but how come that he needs to care on the daily basis. Hmmm! an another solution, putting him in the home for the agent day care center that could be a better solution, at least that they could take good care on the daily patient who has dementia right now. at least the eldest know the situation right now. This is the biggest decision we are the family members have at stake but for the good from all of us that we don't even burned out from his disease at present. Bisita Iglesia 2012 with the youngest brother, he definitely a wonderful experience he had once going to the different churches here in Metro Manila. A relief from him that he experience traveling than we usually do as a family. So disappointed how the father is he at the present, From Once a Manila Electric Company Supervisory Accountant that time and know from being the Dementia patient that could we as a family member stressed out on how to take good care on a daily basis, knowing that our relatives from my father could even helped a lot financially but stressful checking his condition at stake, quite disappointed but it was there already we have just have to face the consequences on this.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The North Face 100

Based from the The North Face Website

TNF 100 2012 Race Details

CategoriesRegistration Fee*DateRace StartStart/Finish
100KPhp 3500.0021-Apr-124:00amR.O.X. Camp John Hay
- Cut off time30 hours
50kPhp 3500.0021-Apr-124:00amR.O.X. Camp John Hay
- Cut off time18 hours
22kPhp 100022-Apr-125:30amR.O.X. Camp John Hay
- Cut off time4 hrs & 30 mins
11kPhp 1000.0022-Apr-126:00amR.O.X. Camp John Hay
- Cut off time3 hours
*registration fees are at “early bird” rates;
  subject to increase without prior notice

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Enjoy at magnegosyo dito sa VMobile Technologies

Dito sinisimula ang aking bukas, alam ko na baka bukas eh! mawala ang trabaho ko na maging programmer at least may isa pa ako income na kumikita na hindi kailangan ng magrecruit para kumita. eto ay ang VMobile. Kung gusto ninyo malaman ukol sa VMobile,bisitahin ninyo ang VMobile Technologies para malaman ang proseso ukol dito sa VMobile Business. Eto yung negosyo na dapat kung palaguin habang ako ay nagtatrabaho bilang Programmer. Iba siya sa multi-level marketing business na tiyak na patok sa araw-araw na pangkabuhayan. Mahirap nga naman magtrabaho araw-araw, pero for experience naman para dun sa natapos mo. Eto, marami pasanin din ang pinagdadaanan ng bawat sa mga Pilipino pero itong pagbabago nila mismo sa VMobile, nagiba na ang kanilang mundo nung pinagtrabaho nila mabuti ang VMobile business,  Panoorin ang mga video na kung saan papaano sila naging vmobile millionaires:

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Resumption of work in a different industry

A level of my difficulty working in a banking industry was they are congestive to the new hires, minimal task was assign to you not with a task related to your skill sets. I'm just wondering if these an industry for me or their is a real industry for me that will allow also a flexi-schedule due to the condition of my parents that one is still suffering form diabetes and my father has a dementia. I know that they do have a reconsideration to be deployed in other industry that will credit more an output that will test my technical skills further as an IT Professional. I'm venturing myself also in entrepreneurship by accepting freelance web design on multiply, fern business and VMobile business. Struggling at present but working out as long as I reached the dream opportunity that which I send my cv back in January and hopefully that they will give me posted on my application. I know that 6th or 7th week of March could be possible depending on the progress. I know that this difficult but striving to pass all the pre-employment tests and interview that will able to make work soon.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Run United Leg 1

Much  pressure in doing my preparation in the Run United Leg 1. Aside from joining the race and able to  make it on the top three winners hopefully on the 10km. Although pressure is there to keep my resistance to be stronger and forget the stressful happenings during the past few weeks. Hmmm! I'll putting myself more pressure on winning all the races that I'll be joining for keeping my finances all support aside on my the job we had on the office. At the time on my first leg to time chip at 1:51:33 on my 10km run. Needed more improvement more on my 2nd Leg up to the Philippine Marathon.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston 1963-2012

A very shocking news for the music industry as the greatest singer of all time Whitney Houston died last February 11, 2012 at age 48 battled out with drugs and alcohol with his ex-husband Bobby Brown marred her star power. At around 3:45pm that her daughter Bobbi Katrina call the 911 from the hotel here in Los Angeles in California tried to revived her unfortunately she was pronounced dead at 3:55pm. From the music industry especially here in the Philippines about her death unexpected for them because they were as an Icon Pop Superstar. For the news about Whitney Houston check out the CNN News.


Here in the two variety shows in ASAP 2012 and Party Pilipinas sing the all-time Whitney Houston hits as a tribute to the best Icon singer of all time.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

An affordability to start a business on a low value capital

Considering that your earning a million in just months won't you believe that. hmmm! now wonder that the multilevel marketing offer to the Filipinos wishing to have a better lives. I've heard  most of the MLM companies here in the Philippines. Starting capital you have checked well it cost more than higher Php 3000 as expected on starting membership to their business club. Things to consider to start-up a business with a capital in a smaller value. Here some tips for you to consider in getting a right capital value that you've wanted for your small business:

  1.   If you where former employed employee or IT Consultant and you where deducted from your SSS, PhilHealth and Pagibig. There are ways to classified of having your deduction from the three mandatory contribution.  As an IT Consultant, the contribution you consider as a voluntary member where you remitting your contributions quarterly. You can have a starting ways to 
  2.    If you were employed you can able to apply for business loans an assurance for an average amount capital value that you can able to start the business.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fern Inc. and PLDT SME Nation

Fern Inc. President Tommanny Tan partners with the longest running long distance telecommunication in the Philippines not to just help most of the Filipinos to bring prosperity through entrepreneurship.I almost very grateful to this small business firm knowing that they want grow as healthy and live longer as they wanted. Fern-C is one of the sponsors for the Philippine Basketball Association Players for their prevention for the various disease  that may cause death and these company is building for small entrepreneurs to start their small business of their own. That was the vision of the Fern Inc. President Tommanny Tan. Their are several multilevel marketing but his vision is to empower themselves thru entrepreneurship knowing their a lot of difficulties in looking for the regularization of your dream job that you wanted. Congrats! also for being one of the PLDT MVP Bossing.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pursing to be an Entrepreneur

How can be so sure that your work right now? Some said that it wasn't enough that they earn from their salary during cutoff period, some said it was true but some where not there are chances to earn in a project-based consultancy depending on financial budget of a project either here in the Philippines or abroad but the entrepreneurship is in the plans in the eye's of a professional working in a private or a government company. Here is the best definition of pursuing entrepreneurship from the website

Burgstone says, “people often need to say it out loud 50 or 100 times before they really understand what it means.” Here it is:
 Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled.
and another definition from the same website that most of the employees of professionals we have turned out to be entrepreneurs.

 By focusing on entrepreneurship as a process, his definition opened the term to all kinds of people. Plus, it matched the one demographic fact HBS researchers already knew about entrepreneurs—they were more likely to start out poor than rich. “They see an opportunity and don’t feel constrained from pursuing it because they lack resources,” says Stevenson. “They’re used to making do without resources.”  

For being an Information Technology Consultant were doing projects for the local industries either in food, telecom or even in the banking industry. I have also a common friend who also an Information Technology seems he has in the bad direction as of this moment. I opened of my business here but his mind was so closed due that he believed that he can earned a lot as an Consultant. We'll as of based the experience, is based how you managed your salary from your capacity and skills in doing the project by money management ,you can be yourself as entrepreneur by sharing your skills and expertise to the industries here and abroad.   

Sunday, January 8, 2012

GO Natural RUN 2012

Just the same as the GOOD RUN 2011 when I started to join running because their advocacy is on diabetes, hypothyroidism and other illness that they do believe that running is a big relief for our illness. That's how I started and appreciate running. This year, I'll be having my run on 5KM with my younger brother for the GO Natural RUN 2012, Same advocacy last year GOOD Run 2011 but these time they encourage the runners to eat on natural but healthy that will not lean into sickness.


An achievement time-in with my brother on our 5km.
That could be a recovery run on my end also his first fun run with my youngest brother that could be he is also a sport that could we also enjoyed a lot.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Seven Summit Expedition

A Filipino Mountaineer fulfilling his quest to complete as the Seven highest mountain of the World. Being a mountaineer, for Romi Garduce, it takes a lot of training and knowing your strengths and weaknesses in fulfilling the mountain climbing sport though they want to be just to travel places even here in the Philippines but also in abroad. Here in the Antartica where important thing to reach on top of Mt. Vinson Massif is the resistance and endurance because one it takes to become a mountaineer is where you can handle the different condition either is hot or cold weather condition and you must anticipate. 


A mountaineer must have an  "can I Do" attitude to reach the highest mountain in the whole world. Discipline for your health that will enable to reach the top of the highest mountain in the world.