Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"An advantage to watch a movie or television online"

Hmmm! very nice! hehehe! I can watch now a movie without any commerical on my personal computer. How nice was that with PLDT Watchpad. I can watch my favorite show or movie online. This is cool for me though I am still connected with another telco company at present. PLDT Watchpad bring better broadband connection to your homes watching your movies on your DSL internet connection. This is great, plus an opportunity to see the award movies by Director Brillante Mendoza award indie-film "KINATAY" plus the much awaited fight between the much-awaited battle of Pacquiao vs Cottos here  in PLDT  Watchpad without commercial break. PLDT Watchpad connection are become wider and faster enough to see your favorite shows online compare to the other broadband internet connection so people should realize when we choose a broadband internet connection, you have to see that the connection is very fast and consistent to surf on the internet, download mp3 music or even watch a movie or your favorite TV shows online. An opportunity for us bloggers like to me to share my ideas and chat with some of my friends or collegues throu my PLDT Watchpad.

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